Well will wonders never cease it seems like Insulet (NASDAQ: PODD) has discovered they have a communication problem. We just received a phone call, hey they do have our number, and it was explained to us that this policy of no longer providing free pods only applies to some select individuals. These includes patients on Medicare, and while we are aging gracefully we are not yet Medicare eligible. Nor can anyone in Michigan, Massachusetts and a few other states can get free pods, Illinois the state where we reside is not on this list.

Now we don’t want to be cynical and if you believe that we have a bridge in Brooklyn that’s for sale, but isn’t interesting that moments after we post we get a call. But perhaps we should believe Insulet that this really was a communication problem for they would not be the first insulin pump company to have one, not by a longshot.

Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) recently claimed they too have this same problem when communicating that refunding a patient their own money is somehow a “discount.” Thankfully Medtronic has fixed this problem as well and is no longer charging a patient $299 up-front to get the 670G. Instead the patient is only charged if they do not complete certain tasks, i.e., taking a survey, uploading to CareLink, etc.

We commend Medtronic and Insulet for acknowledging their communications problems.

Now if we could just get Tandem (NASDAQ: TNDM) to openly and honestly communicate with their patients and we would have a communications trifecta. Wouldn’t it be refreshing if this company and their management team which has run this once promising company into the ground told patients the truth.

Wouldn’t it be nice if they said; “Hey we’re very sorry that we screwed things up so badly. That we are running out of money and our banks are breathing down our necks. Therefore, thanks to our numerous mistakes it looks like we will cease to exist. Honestly, we are very sorry about this but we thought we should give you a heads up.

Please don’t worry about us as thanks to our overly generous comp plan we will be just fine. Yes, we know it looks like we’re nothing but money grubbing executives who took care of our needs over the needs of you the patient. And yes, this situation is one that we ourselves created but hey mistakes happen.

Seriously you must believe us from the bottom of our hearts we are really, really sorry. That we hope you are in no way adversely impacted by our ineptitude. That your lives will not be turned upside down because we spent too much time crying, bitching and moaning rather than fixing our problems. Honestly you must believe us as we really do care about you and didn’t want you to think that we only wanted to line our own pockets.

We sincerely apologize for not having the ability to run a commercially viable insulin pump company. One that not just benefited our stakeholders but also considered you the patient who is using our way cool whiz gang toy. A device which we realize is keeping you alive.

Yes, we know this will be a difficult transition and we want to assure you that will not just close our doors and leave you in a real lurch. All we ask is that you only call during normal business hours, be patient with the extra long time on hold and our inability to answer most of your questions in a clear and concise manner. We further ask for some additional understanding that we likely will change our story several times confusing you even more while you struggle not just to manage your diabetes but find another insulin pump.

We would like to offer you some type of financial compensation for the situation we have put you in, however due to regulations this is not possible. Besides even if it was possible we spent all the money already. Unfortunately for you while we are dining at Eddie V’s in La Jolla, more than likely our mistakes will end up costing you money. In fact, we can almost guarantee that you will be paying something out of your own pocket when you pick a new pump.

Since we like to blame everyone else and we don’t take ownership of the problems that we created we’re going to pawn off this additional out of pocket cost that you will likely incur on those big bad insurance companies. No, they had nothing to do with this situation but it sure feels good to pass the buck, so to speak.

Again, we are truly sorry and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. We likely won’t get back to you in a reasonable time frame, if at all, but our PR people told us we should be empathic and not come off as bold face liars.

Have a nice day.

Tandem Management”