Meet Austin

Meet Austin

Earlier this week it was reported that Amazon after acquiring PillPack for $1 billion is making a deeper dive into the diabetes pool. Per a post on the BioPhramaDive web site;

“Amazon has begun marketing PillPack’s at-home prescription drug delivery to Amazon Prime members via email and created a webpage about the service.”

“The marketing effort so far targets chronic conditions. The medications highlighted on the PillPack marketing include high blood pressure drugs amlodipine and lisinopril and diabetes drugs glipizide and metformin.”

Amazon has also entered the diabetes toy business as well marketing their own line of conventional blood glucose monitors. While this effort has gotten off to a slow start, we see these two events as the beginning of an even deeper dive into the diabetes pool and could well be the beginning of something we predicted many years ago.

For years we have noted that it was just a matter of time before someone began marketing and/or selling diabetes management systems. These systems would include everything a patient needs to manage their diabetes, their drugs, their devices, apps and coaching. While this move by Amazon isn’t quite a diabetes management system, we see it as significant step towards one. Therefore it’s fitting that we give this system a name.

In our wacky world it is now commonplace to refer to a connected insulin pen, CGM, insulin dosing algorithm and app as a Tyler. Although Tyler is not officially on the scene yet, it is no longer a question of if Tyler will become a reality but when he does.

So we’d like everyone to meet Austin which is now how we will refer to a diabetes management system. A system which includes everything a patient needs to manage their diabetes. Just as Tyler is quickly becoming a reality it’s clear to us that it won’t be too long before Austin is also a reality. Now there are some who could argue that Tyler is a diabetes management system for insulin using patients and to some extent that is accurate. However Tyler as great as he is does not cover non-insulin using patients which is why Austin is also appropriate.

In the future as Tyler and Austin grow, we see them working together as a team. Tyler may have come first and will make his presence felt sooner than Austin, but this should in no way take away from Austin’s future impact. Together Tyler and Austin have the potential to alter how diabetes is managed, making life easier for all patients with diabetes.

Just to be clear here we are by no means biased towards male names just because we have Tyler and Austin that does not mean we are opposed in any way towards female names. To be honest we’d love a female member to come and join Tyler and Austin. After all we do have snarky Alexa and sultry Siri jumping into the diabetes pool, so it makes perfect sense that a female member join Tyler and Austin. Yet we think it might be another year, maybe longer, before Tyler and Austin have a sister to play with. So for now Tyler and Austin will have to be content to play with each other.

So everyone say hi to Austin the newest member of the Diabetic Investor family.