May Issue and other items

May Issue and other items

Earlier this week the Supreme Court issued a ruling which could turn the intellectual property world upside down and has broad implications for the diabetes device markets. While Diabetic Investor is no expert when it comes to patent law we have consulted with several industry experts who see the ruling as both a plus and minus for diabetic devices. On the one hand the ruling could reinvigorate efforts by start ups that were stifled by larger device companies and their army of lawyers. On the flip side no one is quite sure the effect this ruling will have on existing cases already in the courts or possible future cases. It all depends on how this new ruling is interrupted. Diabetic Investor is following this issue closely and will keep subscribers informed as case law develops. About all we know for sure is the real winners here are the lawyers, imagine that.

In other news we are getting closer to the annual ADA show in June which will be held in Diabetic Investor’s home town of Chicago. As is our custom, Diabetic Investor will be delighted to schedule face to face meetings during the show. As you can imagine the ADA is our biggest show of the year and time is not a renewable resource so get your request in early. We will do our best to accommodate everyone.

A couple notes regarding the conference, that same weekend is the series between the Cubs and White Sox at U.S. Cellular Field which isn’t far from the McCormick Place where the conference is being held. Traffic is never good in Chicago and the series will only make matters worse. For those looking to attend any of the games expect to pay premium prices as all the games are already sold out.

We’ll also be delighted to answer any questions you have on restaurants or local attractions. Looking forward to seeing you at the show.

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