A Match Made In Heaven

A Match Made In Heaven

Sometimes we honestly believe that Momma Kliff is an angle on our shoulder. Who else could have set up this combination as per a story posted by Drug Delivery;

“Innovation Health and Sanofi (NYSE: SNY) said today that the companies are launching a pilot program to evaluate the impact of digital health solutions from One Drop and Common Sensing for people with Type II diabetes.

The program hopes to enable pharmaceutical companies, tech companies and plan providers to work together to improve patient outcomes, according to Innovation Health.”

Think about this just for a moment as for us this is almost too good to be true. A combination between our chardonnay guzzling friends in France with our newest friends at One Drop. Just in case anyone has forgotten and its possible you may have since we don’t hear much about it but Sanofi does have another diabetes partnership with Google, which by all accounts is going nowhere in a hurry. Which shouldn’t come as surprise to anyone given Sanofi’s dismal track record when it comes partnerships in diabetes.

But wait it gets even better and yes, we know that’s hard to fathom but this Sanofi One Drop partnership brings another former Sanofi partner back into the picture. As One Drop is also partnered with MannKind (NASDAQ: MNKD), who at one time was partnered with Sanofi. A partnership that didn’t go so well for Sanofi but turned out to be a great deal for MannKind. But then this is also par the course as Sanofi has thrown $250 million into the Google partnership which as we noted is going nowhere.

Listen we may not be a huge fan of Jeff Dachis who started One Drop but we certainly hope he is trying to emulate the late Al Mann in another way besides making outrageous statements. Those of us who knew Al knew that Al was many things but stupid was not among them. Thanks to his superior deal making skills Sanofi paid dearly when they decided to terminate the MannKind partnership. And if your beginning to see a pattern here you should.

So not only do the folks at Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) owe Al a debit of gratitude so too does the current team at MannKind who likely would be dead had it not been for the deal Al cut with Sanofi.

Now we know exactly where this is supposed to go for as we have stated a smart insulin pen/meter/app combination has the potential to manage patients just as effectively as an insulin pump only at a much cheaper price point. Which makes us wonder why since Sanofi is quasi connected to Dexcom (NASDAQ: DXCM) who also is partnered with Google that they did not work them into the Google/Sanofi partnership that they invested $250 million in. Would it not be better to add Dexcom’s new slap it on turn it on CGM into the smart pen/app mix or does this just make too much sense?

Still we must give credit where credit is due so congrats to One Drop for finding the one company dumb enough to fall for their bullshit. This is so damn Sanofi who went against their very own due diligence, due diligence which said empathically NOT to partner with MannKind. Due diligence which was ignored by their then now beheaded CEO. Due diligence which turned out to be correct but heck what does Sanofi care as blowing millions on stupid ideas seems to be the one thing they are very good at.

At this point we must wonder what the folks in Mountain View are thinking. Given how perfectly the slap it on turn on sensor fits into the mix they cannot be thrilled. But then again, our sources tell us and please we recommend sitting down for this one, that Sanofi is very unhappy with the folks in Mountain View because they have nothing to show for their $250 million investment. Hey, we told you to sit down. Is this not the pot calling the kettle black, seriously as Momma Kliff says you just can’t make this stuff up.

The fact is Sanofi is getting desperate as Toujeo, that wonder drug which was supposed to be replace Lantus is as we predicte doing nothing and Basaglar from Lilly (NYSE: LLY) is putting the final nail in the Lantus coffin. Yes, that goose that once laid those golden eggs is now deader than a doornail. The company has nothing in their pipeline coming anytime soon which is likely why it’s been a revolving door for management.

Yet all is not lost as this combination is sure to provide some all time great copy which proves something our wine consultant keeps saying as Sanofi is the gift that keeps on giving. Honestly when we first read this story we couldn’t believe how lucky we are.

Think about this just for a moment, that is if you can stop laughing, this partnership combines the company with the worst track record in diabetes partnerships with a company whose expertise is chutzpah. Honestly, we thought we got a gift yesterday when by some miracle our beloved Chicago Bears beat the mighty Pittsburgh Steelers but today with this news Christmas has come early.


Just one last thing as people wonder why it’s getting next to impossible to write our annual April Fool’s post. The fact is we just can’t make up stuff that tops what really goes on in our wacky world. As Momma Kliff used to say and she was right; “Real life is stranger than fiction.”

Thanks Mom for being an angle on our shoulder and when you see Al tell him thank you as well.