Before we get into the news of the day some shameless self-promotion. Typically we begin the new year with back to back conferences the Consumer Electronics Show and then the JP Morgan Healthcare Conference. However as we all know there is no such thing as typical in the COVID era as both of these events have of course gone virtual. No one really knows whether ATTD scheduled for mid-February in Paris will go off as planned or also convert to a virtual format.

After giving this some thought we have decided that its time again for a Special Report something we have not done since our famous Insulin Pump Report which was published many moons ago. Given the many changes that are taking place in our wacky world we have decided this time around rather than concentrate on a specific area this Special Report will provide a comprehensive overview of the entire diabetes industry. A holistic detailed report which will look at not just where we are today but more importantly what this industry will look like 5 and 10 years from today.

It goes without saying there will be detailed valuable information on diabetes drugs and devices, but the diabetes industry cannot be viewed without also examining the impact of digital health, telemedicine, the changing reimbursement environment and of course the changing nature of healthcare overall. While everyone is examining just one section of the diabetes market we of course will go much further providing only the insight we can. One great thing about covering this wacky world for over 20 years is we understand like no one else why things are the way they are, what has failed in the past, why it failed and most important the keys to success.

Listen Momma Kliff warned us about over promising stating consistently that if you are going to make big statements you better be prepared to back them up and we are prepared as this will be a report like no other. Hence the reason we are telling everyone now as this report will NOT be available on the web site NOR will it be mass produced. Given the strategic value we are only producing a limited quantity and once we hit that number that’s it.

Given the importance of the upcoming Presidential election and the impact the results will have on the diabetes industry our goal is to publish this extraordinary report early in the first quarter of 2021. (Like everyone else we are hoping we’ll have a result on election night but these days you never know.) Additionally we are taking extra security measures to insure only REAL owners have access and this valued asset cannot be shared.

To protect the privacy of report owners we will ONLY accept orders via email. To reserve your copy please send an email to with the subject line Special Report. We will then provide all the details which of course will include the investment needed to secure a copy. Let us warn you upfront it’s not cheap but given the incredible value there is also a great return on investment. Remember we’re capitalists and don’t expect anyone to make an investment without having a nice payoff afterward. This is after all all about money – who makes it – who saves it and who spends it.