Kids will be kids

Kids will be kids

It has been brought to our attention that the Evil Empire has reached a new low as they are actively censoring our posts they consider to negative. This is not just childish but goes against everything this great country of ours stands for. Sadly, we are not surprised by this childish behavior as it’s par for the course for the Empire.

Long ago in a galaxy far, far away MiniMed set the standard for how a diabetes device company should be run. The late Al Mann set this standard by putting the interest of the patient first. Mr. Mann always said that if you put the patient first everything else will follow. He understood that putting the patient first would not distract from the business aspects of the company and would enhance the business side of things.

He assembled one of the finest teams in diabetes several of whom have moved on to make major positive impacts in diabetes. Individuals who have thankfully carried on the lessons they learned from Al.

Over the years Momma Kliff taught her boys many things one of the more important was to take ownership of not just the good things they did but also the not so good. As she said on many occasions any idiot can handle it when things are going well but a person shows their true colors when they are dealing with adversity. She instilled in her boys to face adversity head on not to shrink from their responsibility.

Medtronic diabetes is facing some very real and very serious problems, problems which extend beyond the business aspects of the unit. Problems which impact the lives of the patients who use the products they make. Problems which they seem to be ignoring which is not just immoral but dangerous. Like it or not every insulin pump company has a responsibility that extends beyond taking care of their stakeholders.

Frankly we could care less if they continue to censor Diabetic Investor. What we care about is the same thing Al cared about, the patient. So, it’s time for the childish behavior to end, tine for the company to take ownership of the problems they have. Time to stop all the shenanigans and FIX THE DAMN PROBLEMS. Or as Momma Kliff used to say there is time to stop being a child to grow up and be an adult.

Yet when it comes to the Evil Empire kids will be kids.