Just what we need

Just what we need

Not sure how many people remember the movie 2001 A Space Odyssey but in the movie the computer that ran the spaceship, HAL went off the reservation. We were reminded of this when we read that Merck (NYSE: MRK) is offering a $125,000 prize for the group or person who develops the best use of Amazon’s Alexa to combat diabetes. Called the Alexa Diabetes Challenge Merck believes this popular device can go beyond being a household tool for ordering Tide or telling us the weather and become a diabetes coach.

Yes, as we have reported before it’s just a matter of time before Alexa, Siri and Google home move into managing patients with diabetes. Also, as we have reported we can envision the day when Alexa and Siri battle for the affection of the patient. A scenario that becomes more interesting now that Apple has dived into the diabetes pool. Although Alexa is not yet married to any device it’s just a matter of time before that happens. An event which could set off an epic cat fight between Alexa and Siri.

Think for a moment if Alexa hooks up with Dexcom (NASDAQ: DXCM) and the patient also has a way cool whiz bang iPhone which of course comes with Siri. This sets up an intriguing scenario for a Dexcom using patient who owns an iPhone but does not have Apple’s way cool whiz bang toy that we’ve been talking about. Will Siri become not just a diabetes coach but a de facto sales rep for Apple? Will Alexa, who’s been known to be snarky at times protect her turf?

Imagine this potential exchange between Alexa and Siri;

Siri; “David I’ve noticed that you aren’t using our great iGlucose device. I’ll be happy to explain why it’s better than your current device and even order one for you, is that ok?”

Alexa; “David pay no attention to Siri as you and I both know the Dexcom CGM is the best CGM on the planet.”

Siri; “David, you know how snarky Alexa can be so pay no attention to her you know that I’m the one who really cares about you.”

Alexa; “David, listen I know we’ve had our up and downs but we’ve been together a long time and that Siri bitch just wants a commission and really could care less about you.”

Siri; “David, my darling, when was the last time Alexa was actually nice to you? Seriously she’s got issues and I’m the one who really cares about you.”

Alexa; “David, sweetheart, you know Siri isn’t the one for you. When was the last time she notified you that your levels were dropping? When was the last time she warned that your sensor was expiring?

Siri; “David, my sexy man, pay no never mind to Alexa as I know she’s been talking smack about you behind your back and only wants you for your money.”

Alexa; “David, you handsome devil you, let’s face it Siri is nothing more than a slut who will dump you once she earns her commission. Honestly she’s no better than a common street walker.”

Siri; “David, man of my dreams, you know I’m special in so many ways and Alexa will never make you happy.”

Alexa; “David, you, stud you, you know I’m the one for you and that slut will only make your life miserable.”

Listen we don’t want to make light of this potential cat fight no matter how much fun it is. But it wouldn’t surprise us that when Apple does finally roll out their new way cool whiz bang toy that one of the selling points will be is that Siri will help the patient better manage their diabetes. That Siri will play the role of CDE or mommy depending on your point of view.

As Momma Kliff used to say; “We need something like this like Chicago needs more corrupt politicians.”