JP Morgan Monday Afternoon Session

JP Morgan Monday Afternoon Session

Try as they might the good folks a Amylin (NASDAQ:AMLN) can’t shake the feeling they are a one trick pony, especially when that pony is no pony at all but a thoroughbred race horse who’s name happens to be Bydueron.  Everyone and we mean everyone is anxious to see this horse run.  While the company did not reveal anything new on the Bydueron front, as we anticipated, that doesn’t stop the questions. Of the 19 questions the company addressed during their breakout session, 16 were related to Bydueron.

Given this continued level of interest in Bydueron Diabetic Investor can hardly wait until Lilly (NYSE:LLY) presents tomorrow at 4:30pm PST.  While we don’t expect any major news it should be fun seeing how many ways participants will phrase their questions as if somehow Lilly will actually reveal some new unheard tidbit of information; fat chance.  The reality is as much as everyone would like to be different we won’t be able to see this horse run until 2012.

Not surprisingly Abbott (NYSE:ABT) made little mention of their diabetes care unit other than to say they plan on keeping the unit and the recently announced recall of nearly 400 million test strips was no big deal. It was interesting that they did not answer the second part of our question about what they planned to do with unit in the future, given they want to keep it.  Although Diabetic Investor would never accuse the company of telling an out and out fib, the reality is you cannot grow through cutting costs.

When it comes to diabetes the numbers are pretty clear and Abbott, in spite of some moves, is not stupid. They see what’s going on in the marketplace and understand that there most recent round of cost cutting will only take them so far. Sooner or later they just might come to the realization that as hard as it is to believe there are other companies who want to enter the glucose monitoring space, companies who would be more than delighted to take this unit off Abbott’s hand. And amazing as it seems they would be willing to pay a few bucks for this privilege.

Diabetic Investor suspect’s it’s just a matter of time and money before this happens.