Jay was our quarterback

Jay was our quarterback

As a fan of our beloved Chicago Bears we couldn’t help but chuckle a little when we read the following;

“Pro-bowler and NFL quarterback Jay Cutler is a shining example of how to successfully manage diabetes and achieve greatness”

This tidbit came from the folks at OneDrop. Now OneDrop did not disclose whether Jay uses their way cool whiz bang cloud enabled conventional point to point meter. However, being a lifelong Bears fan and having watched Jay play for the beloved we’re not sure we’d use the term greatness when it comes to Jay Cutler.

We can remember fondly when the Bears acquired Jay how excited we were as back then it seemed like he was destined for greatness. That was until he got under center and showed that he had the unique ability to throw interceptions rather than touchdowns. Back then Jay had a deal with Lilly (NYSE: LLY) where the company would donate to a diabetes charity for every touchdown pass thrown by Jay. A nice idea which as we noted didn’t work very well given his propensity to throw interceptions.

Now don’t get us wrong we are not arguing in any way that playing professional football and managing Type 1 diabetes is easy. And let’s be honest it’s even harder when your position is quarterback the most demanding position on the field. However, to state that Jay Cutler, a quarterback that has never won a Superbowl or even the NFC championship game, has a mediocre QB rating is great is like saying that OneDrop system will forever change diabetes management.

Listen we have nothing against Jay and we’re thrilled that the Miami Dolphins are paying him $10 million this season. Honestly, we wish Jay well and last night he sure looked good wearing the Fins uniform. But the folks at OneDrop have a thing or two to learn about football. Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Eli Manning are just some recent examples of great quarterbacks but Jay Cutler please.

Yet we are not surprised by OneDrop as this is a company who believes that self-reported data is somehow equal to data gathered from a clinical trial. As we have noted in the past the folks at OneDrop have shown a knack for chutzpah. Which as we also noted is why MannKind (NASDAQ: MNKD) is a perfect partner as they are another company also know for chutzpah. So, it does make sense that they would claim that Jay Cutler is a great quarterback.

One last thing here and we’re serious now there are many notable athletes who have diabetes. Athletes who have done some excellent work for people with diabetes. Phil Southerland and Team Type 1 quickly come to mind as an organization that has done outstanding work. In fact, we can’t think of organization that deserves greater support than Team Type 1. To his credit Phil has never viewed his diabetes as a handicap rather as platform to help millions of patients across the globe.

Listen if people really want to help, really want to make a difference then donate to Team Type 1, partner with them, support them in any way you can. Unlike OneDrop they are not in this for shameless self-promotion they have been and continue to be committed to patients with diabetes.