It’s Time

It’s Time

We’re not sure how everyone else feels but from our perspective the business of diabetes has reached the crossroads. Think of everything that is happening now;

1. We are quickly reaching the point thanks to these sophisticated algorithms when diabetes management could become much easier and not just for insulin using patients. It’s a major mistake to believe that these algorithms can only help insulin using patients.

2. The payor landscape will NEVER be the same and this will have a dramatic impact on the business of diabetes. As we have seen everyone is making deals in the hope they will fend off a company that isn’t officially in our wacky world.

3. Amazon is not the only high-tech cash rich company that can forever change diabetes management. Google, Apple and Facebook will have something to say about this too.

4. Looking at the current crop of drug and device companies it would be equally foolish to believe the balance of power won’t change. The fact is no one is safe and just because a company has a commanding presence today in no way guarantees they will remain in the diabetes market.

5. Perhaps the most overlooked factor is how the patient is changing and what this change means to the business of diabetes.

Given these factors and others we have decided that its time for one of our special reports. Now we haven’t done this in a while but considering the seismic change that is underway it’s time. Frankly we’re also a little nervous about this as the last time we did this we had a fire at our office. Hopefully history will not repeat itself especially since our office is now located in a high rise in the heart of downtown Chicago.

Will this report be as groundbreaking as our last special report which looked specifically at what back then was the growing insulin pump market? Our guess and it’s a pretty good guess is that it will be.

Given the comprehensive and detailed nature of the report there is an additional charge which is why before we offer this report to non-subscriber’s subscribers can pre-order the report and have first crack at its amazing insights. Since we needed a deadline we have chosen the start of the ADA conference in Orlando as the publication date. And unlike our regular posts which are sent to your inbox for security and copyright reasons you will be notified when the report is ready, provided a link so that you can download your copy or copies.

Orders received and paid for prior to June 1st will be as follows;

1 Report $5,000

2 to 5 Copies $4,750 per copy

6 or more Copies $4,500 per copy

Please direct all inquiries to – and yes, we are just a little paranoid as we’re doing everything in our power to protect our copyright.