It’s November and …..

It’s November and …..

Yes it’s November which means besides celebrating Turkey Day it’s also diabetes awareness month. We’ve always thought it’s slightly ironic that we raise awareness during the same month we celebrate a holiday which is basically a food orgy. But hey we digress.

Each year we try and do our part to help the cause and this year is no different. Therefore since we haven’t given out too many awards lately why not in honor of diabetes awareness and Turkey Day combine the two. So here goes;

Leading off or perhaps we should say kicking off since Thanksgiving and football go together like peanut and jelly are our friends in Northridge who have earned a Golden Turkey as that goose that was laying the golden eggs is getting seriously close to becoming an ugly duckling. Never let it be said that one constant in our wacky world is once dominate companies just love to screw up a very good thing.

Another Golden Turkey goes to our friends in Denmark who just can’t help themselves by studying the oral version of semaglutide to death. Try as they might the folks at Novo Nordisk just cant break from the past and move into the new world. Don’t be surprised when the company announces the results of yet another study that shows how the drug performs during the holiday.

Joining our friends in Denmark with a Golden Turkey are our wine drinking friends in France who are adapt at screwing up a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It would be poetic justice if Sanofi did buy out Google from their partnership, go it alone and then have to publicly explain yet another diabetes partnership they flushed down the toilet.

A big Golden Turkey goes to the West Coast Mafia and the JDRF who remain clueless about how things work in the real world. Yep they sure were spot on when they said patient choice in the insulin pump market was limited. They were equally right about how the 670G was a real artificial pancreas worthy of their praise. And by golly since they have taken up the crusade over the high out of pocket cost of insulin the cost has gone where?

No award ceremony would be complete without awarding all those whiz bang cloud enabled BGM systems with a Golden Turkey. Livongo is about the only company that may survive here as they expand their offerings beyond just glucose measurement. But with Amazon now in the market one has to wonder whether the shoe has dropped at OneDrop. Try as they might there is just no reasonable basis for what these companies think they are worth.

Gone from diabetes but not forgotten here a Golden Turkey has to go to the folks at JNJ. What other company could take an asset like Animas, be unable to sell it and then basically give it away for free. But let’s not stop there as while $2.1 billion for LifeScan is nothing to sneeze at it’s fraction of what they would have gotten had they sold before the BGM market tanked. JNJ went from a great Irish Coffee to a great Irish wake, oh Danny Boy the pipe’s are ….

We can’t decide which of the insulin pump wannabes gets a Golden Turkey so we’ll give them all one. Roche for finally introducing the Solo, Lilly for buying Dean Kamens pump and thinking they will have better success than the other companies which have also bought it (which shows why Dean is not just very smart but also very rich), CellNovo for well being CellNovo, OnDuo for their deal with Sensile a company which is great at prototypes but not much beyond that and let’s not forget Ypsomed who has a nice pump but will run into the same problem as all the other insulin pump wannabes.

Tyler Tyler who has a Tyler? Well as it turns out everyone does which makes them all worthy of a Golden Turkey. Yep the toy makers are falling all over themselves trying to develop more way cool whiz band cloud enabled toys which won’t be worth more than Thanksgiving leftovers unless they understand it’s not about the damn toys but getting the toy into the hands of the patient and then getting the patient to use it.

So there you have it Diabetic Investor’s contribution to Diabetes Awareness Month. Gobble Gobble