It’s getting grumpy in rep land

It’s getting grumpy in rep land

Every once in a while, we hear from our friends in rep land, those dedicated folk whose job it is to convince physicians and patients to prescribe and/or use their particular drug or device. Given the numerous layoffs, reorganizations and launch meetings these people have had to endure it should surprise no one these people are a tad snarky. There are times we feel for these people as it ain’t easy selling your drug and/or toy when management forget about getting formulary coverage.

Yet things are a little different than the normal management is dumber than a box of hammers comments or management couldn’t find water if they feel off the Queen Mary or the newest one and a favorite management is as blind as an NFL referee. (Listen if I was a Saints fan, I too would be really pissed off seriously I think that referee has a side job as a Sanofi diabetes executive.)

Abbott reps are beginning to wonder when management will have something in the pipeline that’s more than just turning the Libre into a Dexcom copycat. The smarter reps see the same thing we do once the Verily/Google/Dexcom slap it in turn it on sensor gets here with its low-price Libre just might be toast.

The Novo reps are beginning to wonder who’s actually managing the company. There have been so many departures and more on the way when they call in, they no longer ask for a manager by name. These reps are wondering what we wonder what happens IF the oral version of semaglutide ISN’T the hit the company expects it to be and like us they are wonder if the damn thing will ever be submitted to the FDA.

The Medtronic Storm Troopers (hey if they are the evil empire their reps must be storm troopers makes sense) describe the current state of affairs as a crisis atmosphere. Yes, the siege mentally has set in as management isn’t just firing people with reckless abandon, they are cutting expenses to the barest of necessities plus forcing storm troopers to go to bed without supper. Now that’s just mean.

It seems that Senseonics is the beneficiary of this grumpiness for we’re hearing the comp is decent plus their offering stock options too. Contrary to what management thinks these reps ain’t dumb and better to be with a company that values what you do then one which thinks you’re nothing more than a bunch of sniveling complainers.

Listen we know that it’s not easy being a rep these days after all how many times can you bring Starbucks to the office in a desperate attempt to get the physicians staff to like you. This ain’t like the old days when reps could bribe, oh excuse us, treat physicians to elaborate dinners with bottles of expensive wine or other various “favors” and no will not elaborate but will say there is a reason many physicians are also grumpy.

So, to all the grumpy reps out there we will offer some words of wisdom from Momma Kliff who was fond of saying; “There’s a lot of unhappiness in the world.”