Is it time to dance?

Is it time to dance?

As shares of MannKind (NASDAQ: MNKD) sink into the abyss the question is will the failure of Afrezza once and for all prove that the time for inhaled insulin has come and gone. Afrezza now joins Exubera as a colossal disaster in the inhaled insulin arena. Yes, Afrezza was a far superior product than Exubera but failed anyway. Yet this being the wacky world we don’t think it’s time to dance just yet for as sure as day turns to night there is another company who thinks they will succeed in this space.

Readers may recall a company named Dance Pharmaceuticals who …wait for it … is working on inhaled insulin. Yes, Virginia there is a Santa Claus.

Now we have not heard much from Dance but they have copied MannKind in one respect the ability to dupe investors. Way back in February of last year the company announced they had raised $9.5 million from a private placement. Yes, the good people at Dance seem to believe they have built a better mouse trap and even though Exubera and now Afrezza have failed they will succeed.

Honestly Diabetic Investor just loves this stuff if for no other reason we all need to laugh once in a while. Think about how dull our lives would be if we did not have companies like Dance. Seriously we hope that Dance continues to raise money finds a partner and then tells everyone they have the magic inhaled insulin potion.

Dance can also serve another very important purpose as once MannKind officially collapses the people who touted MannKind and Afrezza on Twitter can switch their allegiance to Dance. They can continue to find new and creative ways to call Diabetic Investor stupid. Frankly we were a little worried today that these people would find a huge void in their lives without Diabetic Investor to kick around anymore. That they might be experiencing some sort of withdrawal. Thanks to Dance they have a new cause and they can continue their rants against Diabetic Investor.

We also appreciate the many emails today as people have been worried now that another Diabetic Investor prediction has come true that we wouldn’t have Sanofi to make fun of. Not to worry my friends as this being the wacky world we can assure you that we’ll find a new company to have fun with. Although we must be honest we’re going to miss our good buddy Serge and his sidekick Olivier. Yet something tells us we’re not quite done with Sanofi just yet as they still have Lantus, Toujeo and LixiLan. Not to mention that partnership with Google which like the MannKind partnership they will royally screw up.

Although it’s still early the leading candidate to become the next Diabetic Investor whipping boy is AstraZeneca (NYSE: AZN). They won’t be as much fun as Sanofi and let’s be honest who could be more fun than our wine drinking friends but they have all the elements.

So off to CES and JPM we go hot on the pursuit of the next Diabetic Investor target. This being the wacky world the one thing we can count on is this is a target rich environment.