Imagine the possibilities

Imagine the possibilities

For years Diabetic Investor has claimed there is a gender bias when it comes to diabetes research. Yes we have seen all sorts of studies on the relationship between a woman’s breast size and diabetes but few studies that examine the relationship between a man’s privates and diabetes. In the past we have speculated there are valid reasons for this bias as let’s be honest it’s easier to measure a woman’s breast size than it is a man’s privates.

There are also some additional issues researchers would have to consider should they conduct such a study with men. Do they look at this possible relationship when a man is non-erect or erect? This is not a crazy question when one looks at a study in published online in the Public Library of Science journal PLOS ONE, which found Viagra may ease nerve pain by improving blood supply to the sciatic nerve.  According to Lei Wang, M.D., the Henry Ford neuroscientist who led the new research; “These data indicate that sildenafil improves neurological function even in middle-aged mice with long-term diabetic peripheral neuropathy.”

Given the results of this and other research along the same lines Diabetic Investor can imagine all sorts of possibilities for even more research on the subject. First off we’re pretty sure our good friends at Lilly (NYSE:LLY) who not only have a comprehensive portfolio of diabetes therapies but also make the erectile dysfunction (ED) drug Cialis® would like nothing better than to prove that patients using Cialis outperform those taking Viagra.  Although we do have some concerns on just how researchers would define “performance”.  Not like this would be an obstacle to finding men willing to take part in such a study.

We could also see men clamoring for even more studies on the role ED drugs play in their diabetes. Listen if researchers can study the relationship between a woman’s breast size and diabetes, why not studies on ED drugs and diabetes management. Honestly this could give a whole new meaning to improving outcomes. And why stop with ED drugs and men, as Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) now has a female version of Viagra so theoretically additional studies could be conducted on the relationship between these drugs and diabetes management.

Pfizer actually could save a few bucks and do a combination study with men and women both taking Viagra. Which makes Diabetic Investor wonder as a side effect of Viagra for men is a four hour erection (which many would call a bonus perhaps a miracle but not necessarily an adverse event) would the equivalent side effect for a woman be an increase in cup size?

As everyone knows Diabetic Investor isn’t normally a fan of this type of research however here we will make an exception. Listen living with diabetes doesn’t have many advantages and properly managing diabetes is not an easy task. We’ve said it many times good diabetes management is a 24 hour per day 7 day per week 365 days per year job. Patients with diabetes are told what to eat, to watch their weight, take their medications, monitor their glucose and exercise.

Heck even if this research between ED drugs and diabetes yields nothing tangible at least patients with diabetes would have tons of fun participating in them. And quite honestly they would be more enjoyable then the daily grind these people must endure managing their diabetes every day. As Momma Kliff used to say why not let’em enjoy.