How this went down

How this went down

Not a day goes by when Diabetic Investor doesn’t hear something about the ongoing saga that’s going on at the soap opera known as Sanofi (NYSE:SNY). Yes with each passing day there’s more backstabbing, finger pointing and placement of blame. Given the amount of chatter coming from our wine drinking friends it’s a wonder that any work at all is getting done.  Yet one of the more interesting tidbits learned by Diabetic Investor is it seems there was a secret meeting between Sanofi Chairman Serge Weinberg and the now ex-CEO Chris Viehbacher which lead to his eventual dismissal.

According to a well-placed source who knows all involved this meeting took place outside of Paris and started cordially. As is standard operating procedure when the French have a sit-down wine was served, while our source could not confirm the wine of choice was none other than a great American red Prisoner.  While something such as which wine is severed may not seem important it seems here it was very important as it was meant to convene the message to Viehbacher, who had recently relocated to Boston, that the French had nothing against America.

Although details are somewhat sketchy Weinberg went one step further asking Viehbacher to bring along a grille as the menu for this sit-down was another American treat good old-fashioned steak. Now here’s where things get really wired and believe us when we say this that’s saying something given how wired this situation already is. It seem as if towards the end of the sit-down Weinberg’s pet Chihuahua ran across the room as the grille was being removed causing the grille to hit Viehbacher in the leg.

Again keep in mind that Diabetic Investor is getting this information third hand and only Viehbacher and Weinberg know exactly what transpired. It seems as though Weinberg is blaming Viehbacher for causing the dog to freak out, while Viehbacher wasn’t pleased to begin with that Weinberg didn’t keep the dog locked up during such an important meeting.

Please note that we cannot confirm that this incident was the beginning of the end for Viehbacher but it sure seems plausible. Especially when one considers what’s gone on since Viehbacher got canned.

Since nothing of substance appears to be getting done at Sanofi, Diabetic Investor continues to reach out to our sources for verification that this sit-down actually took place and if it did what exactly happened. Not that it’s really that important but on a very cold day in the beautiful city of Chicago it sure beats being outside and freezing.