Hot soup

Hot soup

Since 75% of the country is freezing, we thought we’d take a page from the Momma Kliff playbook and do our best to warm everyone up. Now we can’t offer up Mom’s outstanding Matzo Ball soup, but we can offer some tidbits from our wacky world that might warn the sole or make you laugh take your choice.

First up is that famous microneedle patch that can … wait for it … measure glucose continuously. The latest version of this patch comes from another very cold place, Stockholm Sweden. According to a post on MedGaget:

“Yet there’s also a lot of potential to use microneedle patches to sense important biochemicals, glucose being probably the most important target. Researchers at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden have developed a prototype glucose sensing patch that will hopefully be more accurate and less painful compared to current continuous glucose monitors.”

Now we’re not sure how many times we’ve seen this microneedle thing but it’s a toss up what’s happened more – Tom Brady being in yet another SuperBowl or another way cool whiz bang microneedle patch that measures glucose continuously that will never make it market. Yep these damn things are sure way cool whiz bang too bad that’s all they are.

The news isn’t all bad according to a study published in Diabetes Technology & Therapeutics Tyler works. OK before we go any further since we have so many new subscribers (Momma Kliff is surly smiling on her son but then again, I was always her favorite) Tyler is our name for a connected insulin pen, CGM, app system. The app which contains an insulin dosing algorithm. He also happens to be the cutest grandchild ever.

Anyway, according to this study; “The iAPS system was safe and effective in regulating glucose levels under challenging conditions and is suitable for use in unconstrained environments.”

Now to be fair this wasn’t quite a Tyler as the insulin delivery system used in the study was a modified Tandem pump and the OmniPod. But as we keep saying it really doesn’t matter how the insulin is delivered to get these type of results. The fact is Tyler will not just deliver excellent results, but he’ll do it at a much cheaper price point than all these way cool whiz bang hybrid closed loop insulin delivery systems that use an insulin pump to deliver the insulin.

Hence the reason every major insulin company is developing their own version of Tyler. It’s not a question of if Tyler will be successful rather how much damage he will do to the insulin pump market.

Sticking with Tyler for just a moment the key to Tyler isn’t how the insulin is delivered but having an accurate reliable CGM combined with an insulin dosing algorithm. Which basically means that Medtronic who has also looked at having a Tyler of their own will never make it as they lack a CGM that is accurate and reliable. Yep it may not cold in Northridge weather wise but daman the Evil Empire is surly feeling the heat as things aren’t going all that well these days.

Speaking of which in just 7 months or so Animas will stop supporting their pumps which will basically force any Animas patient who hasn’t converted to a new system already to make a choice. Now this was supposed to be a layup for our friends in Northridge. The Empire was supposed to have the inside track to pick up the majority of these patients. Well what was supposed to be a layup has become a nightmare of major proportions.

Given that the insulin pump market is growing in the low single digits these Animas conversions were supposed to drive growth at Medtronic. The company was so confident this would happen they publicly stated that their diabetes franchise would grow in the high double digits. Yet like so many things at Medtronic these days things haven’t turned out as anticipated. Animas patients are opting for Tandem, the OmniPod or their own version of a Tyler. Simply put what was supposed to be an easy layup has turned into half-court shot and let’s be honest Medtronic is no Steph Curry.

Listen you know things aren’t going well when the company’s CFO publicly throws the diabetes franchise under the bus. As Momma Kliff used to say; “As much as I’d liked to, I just can’t make this shit up.”

Now we don’t often offer trading advice but here’s something to consider – buy shares in Dexcom AFTER Abbott reports. Check it out each time Abbott reports shares of Dexcom get hit. Only to be followed by Dexcom exceeding expectations which in turn sends their shares to new heights. What everyone or at least the Street hasn’t learned yet is that both Dexcom and Abbott will be very successful in the growing CGM market, this is NOT a winner take all market. It is funny though to watch this pattern play out.

Well that’s all from sunny and warm San Diego, stay warm everyone.