Here’s mud in your eye

Here’s mud in your eye

According to an article published in Crain’s
Manchester Business;

The Manchester office of venture capital firm MTI Partners has
made a £1m investment in Reading-based optical technology firm Lein Applied
Diagnostics Limited.

Lein is involved in developing a non-invasive technique for measuring blood
glucose levels in people with diabetes. The aim is to provide an alternative to
the traditional process of people pricking their skin for a blood sample and
take a share of the $7bn blood glucose monitoring market.”

According to the Lein web site;

“Lein is applying a proven,
non-invasive optical measurement principle in a novel way to measure the amount
of glucose in the eye. From this measurement, the amount of glucose in the
blood can be derived.

Before we go into the merits, or
lack thereof, of this investment by MTI it should be noted that the words
proven and non-invasive should never appear in the same sentence. If there is
one thing that should have been learned by now with all the failed attempts to
develop a non-invasive glucose monitor nothing has proven to actually work. We
realize this may be a minor point but we thought we should mention it

Considering that money once again
seems to be flowing into non-invasive companies Diabetic Investor would like
some reader feedback. Which will occur first, someone will successfully develop
and bring to market a non-invasive glucose monitor or someone will find a cure
for diabetes? Just email your answers to and
we’ll publish the results in an upcoming email alert.

Honestly it stupefies Diabetic
Investor to the lengths investment companies will go to lose money. We don’t
blame companies like Lein, as they may actually believe they can succeed when
everyone else has failed. Should we condemn Lein for allowing these idiots to
part with their money?

When it comes to investing in
non-invasive glucose monitoring companies that famous quote from noted poker player
Canada Bill Jones, just doesn’t apply when he said; “You can sheer a sheep many
times but skin him only once.”  When it
comes to non-invasive glucose monitoring companies they have been fleecing
investors for years. They seem to believe that every hand their dealt will end up
as a Royal Flush, when it reality all their holding is rags. And when it comes time
to put their cards on the table no amount of money will make it possible to
bluff their way out of a bad hand.