Having the edge

Having the edge

With the type 2/pre-diabetes market gaining momentum there are several unanswered questions:

1. Will Januvia from Merck (NYSE:MRK) change the dynamics of the market?

2. Are there hidden issues with Januvia that are being ignored?

3. Will Avandia from GlaxoSmithKline (NYSE:GSK) and Actos marketed by Lilly (NYSE:LLY) made by Takeda, survive the arrival of Januvia?

4. What does the latest data from ADOPT, DREAM and SERENADE mean to the market?

5. Where does Byetta from Amylin (NASDAQ:AMLN) fit into the mix?

6. With growing concern over pre-diabetes will this huge market opportunity actually materialize?

7. Are the obesity and pre-diabetes actually one in the same or two separate and distinct markets?

8. How will pharmaceutical companies planned layoffs affect sales?

9. Why are companies like Novo Nordisk going against the grain and adding to their sales force?

10. What’s the future of insulin sales?

The fact of the matter is there are billions of dollars at stake here and the future of the pharmaceutical industry could hang in the balance. Some of the biggest selling drugs of all time will soon face generic competition crimping profits and placing tremendous pressure for pipelines to produce blockbuster replacements. It’s no accident that with its epidemic growth rate diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity are becoming focus diseases for the entire pharmaceutical industry. It would not be an overstatement to say that success or failure in these markets will impact share prices for years to come.

It stands to reason that anyone who is able to decipher the future of these markets will have a major advantage over competitors. Armed with answers to the above questions investors stand to make a handsome profit while avoiding costly mistakes. However finding the answers isn’t an easy task, while many have tried to provide them few do so in a clear and concise manner. Too often those seeking answers get bogged down with scientific jargon fails to understand the true dynamics of the market. This is why so many failed to understand why Exubera would fail in the marketplace. The fact of the matter is those who constructed Exubera’s grandiose sales estimates had little understanding of the how the diabetes market works in the real world. This is also the same reason why so many failed to understand why Byetta would become successful.

The diabetes market is unlike any other chronic disease market. The success or failure of a treatment option is more complex than just having solid clinical data. The real truth here is that Diabetic Investor provides a multi-tiered perspective which provides readers with the edge they need to succeed. In just a few weeks Diabetic Investor will be publishing the second of our special reports on the therapies used to treat diabetes, pre-diabetes and obesity. Not only will this report answer the questions stated earlier but will provide an insight that has become Diabetic Investor’s trademark. Unencumbered by the pressure to please a potential investment banking client or advertiser Diabetic Investor can tell it like it really is, in an easy to understand format. This report will sort out the winners, losers and also-rans.

Just as Devices and Delivery Systems Report Parts One and Two unraveled the complexities of this market segment, the Therapies report will reveal not just winners and losers in this market, more importantly it will clearly state why this will happen.

To gain these unique advantages order your report today.

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