Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Yes, today is Momma Kliff’s birthday so in honor of Mom’s birthday let’s provide her unique perspective on some of things going on in our wacky world.

On the sky-high valuations of so many of the device companies – “Never underestimate people’s belief that the sun will shine forever.”

All the insulin pump wannabes – “Just because something can be made doesn’t mean it should be made.”

Tyler – “The greatest gift I could be given a great grandchild.” We have been asked many times how we came up with the name Tyler for the way cool whiz bang “smart” insulin pen – CGM – app system – that’s my grandson.

All the way cool whiz bang apps – “Well that’s nice if people actually use them.”

Why talent is so important- “Talent is what separates the men from the boys.” Keep in mind Momma Kliff did not live in the age of political correctness.

On the West Coast Mafia – “Never ever underestimate the power of arrogance combined with ignorance.”

The JDRF and sometimes the ADA – “There is nothing worse than a hypocrite disguised as a friend.”

All the toys in the toy chest – “At some point you realize that it’s just a toy and children grow tired of toys.”

On her son making the upcoming cover of Diabetes Health magazine – “Good job and that is one very cool bike.”

The future of diabetes management – “This has never been about how to do it, this is and will always be about the wanting to do it. Without the want to nothing else matters all that much.”

Mom a day does not go by when we don’t think of you. Thank you for your love and wisdom. Happy Birthday