Hang Tough Bud

Hang Tough Bud

It’s not easy being Alex Gorsky these days. Just in case anyone doesn’t know Alex is the CEO at Johnson and Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) yes, the same JNJ that made the decision to shut down Animas. Now this decision has sent shockwaves throughout the diabetes community. A decision which included sending Animas patients to Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) the only financially viable insulin pump company left but looked upon as the Evil Empire.

Now one just might think since Alex made almost $22 Million in total compensation he’s feeling pretty good these days. As Momma Kliff used to say; “Not a bad gig if you can get it.” But Alex has come under attack from the West Coast Mafia, which thank goodness is nothing like the mafia in Chicago as we don’t use the pen against our enemies, nope our enemies end up at the bottom of Lake Michigan wearing a pair of cement shoes.

Yes, this group which has no clue that diabetes besides being a chronic disease is also big business. Something that has been proven time again in the insulin pump space as Animas is joining Disetronic, Roche, Asante and the Cozmo in the insulin pump graveyard. And given the way things are going Tandem (NASADQ: TNDM) will soon join them.

This is also the same group of hypocrites that one day is damning Medtronic for signing an exclusive deal with UnitedHealthCare and the next day heaping praise on the company when they received FDA approval of the 670G.

In a self-serving letter written to Alex Maeve Serino and Kelly Close write;

“We understand that J&J is running a business, and this was a business decision. But what’s at stake is the physical and emotional health of your customers, and by offering them just one pump (and a second-rate one at that), you are failing those customers. We hope that J&J will do the right thing by your customers and help them find a new pump that meets their needs.”

Ok so let’s see if we’ve got this straight the Medtronic pump is a second-rate pump. That it’s JNJ’s responsibility to find another pump.

Listen we have long known these people are clueless but we didn’t think they were stupid. There is no other financially viable insulin pump company which makes a wired pump. Does these people seriously believe that JNJ should send patients to Tandem and then have these same people go trough this same heart wrenching experience 6 months from today. And have they not seen that Insulet (NASDAQ: PODD) is offering Animas patients a FREE conversion.

Again, let’s see if we get this – the Medtronic pump is second rate, it’s JNJ responsibility to find another option and what Insulet isn’t an option.

What Maeve and Kelly should be doing is warning patients that Tandem is about to go out of business and unlike JNJ they might just leave patients without any options. As we noted the creditors are closing in and are seriously considering shutting the company down before management steals more money. But that wouldn’t be self-serving and might piss off people loyal to Tandem. Well I’ve got news for Maeve and Kelly if you want a friend get a dog, this is about giving patients the truth.

Instead of a stupid self-serving letter DO WHAT’S RIGHT and tell patients the truth about Tandem – tell them so they can make an informed choice.

The West Coast Mafia does have a voice in the diabetes community and at times has done some outstanding work. However, these supposed patient advocates have failed to use their voice when it comes to the insulin pump market. Their failure to tell the TRUTH about what’s going on at Tandem is as bad as what they see JNJ doing. It’s worse as JNJ despite what Maeve and Kelly think did right by Animas patients, they did not just dump them in the street. Which could happen at Tandem.

We have seen reports on Tandem where the Mafia believes the bullshit being told by management. That everything is just fine when it’s obvious things are NOT fine. That is obvious to anyone who’s willing to look and tell the TRUTH. The problem is the Mafia likes the Tandem pump and so do Tandem patients, hey we get that but the fact is this company is in serious trouble and journalist have the responsibility to tell the TRUTH.

Stop with these stupid self-serving letters so you look good in front of your minions. Stop saying you understand the business aspects of diabetes when you clearly don’t. Stop talking out of both sides of your mouth when it comes to Medtronic – they are NOT the evil empire they are the only financially viable insulin pump company left DEAL WITH IT.

How about telling the TRUTH. You say you want to help patients, that you are a patient advocate – well then act like one.