Gotta love technology

Gotta love technology

Just an FYI Diabetic Investor discovered a glitch with the backend of our web site which may have caused some subscribers to receive duplicates of emails which were sent yesterday. We believe we have corrected the glitch and everything should be fine going forward.

Also as a reminder subscribers can always access the archives section of the site, assuming its working, to see everything we have written. To access the archives just go to enter your email address which is your userid and password. If you have forgotten your password please let us know and we’ll be happy to reset it.

Although we cannot confirm this according to our crack technical team this glitch may been caused by a cyber-attack originating from of all places France. Now far be it from Diabetic Investor to accuse our wine drinking friends from being the culprits of this cyber-attack but then again we can’t necessarily blame them. Listen we know we have not been kind to Sanofi (NYSE:SNY) nor their partner MannKind (NASDSAQ: MNKD) and we can understand they are not thrilled that Afrezza continues to go nowhere in a hurry.

We’re also well aware that Sanofi has a fondness for beheadings and since Diabetic Investor does not work for Sanofi the only recourse they have is a cyber-beheading. So Kudos to our wine drinking friends for at least being creative. Too bad they don’t put this much energy into fixing what’s wrong with their diabetes franchise.

Viva La France!