Giving Thanks

Giving Thanks

Even with all the wackiness in our wacky world there are several reasons to give thanks. So here is our 2019 Thanksgiving list for reasons we are grateful.

1. The Three Amigos Tandem – Dexcom – Insulet

These three stocks on are a year to date basis are up … and we’d recommend sitting down for this – 107.76% – 95.54% and 151.91% – now we don’t know about everyone else but the shareholders of these three companies damn well better be grateful for if they are not Momma Kliff is going to take them to the woodshed.

2. The Evil Empire – It’s ironic that on December 20th Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker the final installment in the Star Wars saga opens in theaters while at the same time Medtronic the Evil Empire of insulin pumps is watching this once mighty empire crumble before their very eyes.

3. The West Coast Mafia – no this isn’t a joke as thanks to the Mafia and other patient advocacy groups something is being done about the cost of insulin. Although we have never felt this was the problem everyone has made it out to be, no one should ever have to choose between eating or being able to afford the drug that keeps them alive.

4. Insulin Algorithms – with the coming of the Control IQ, the Horizon from Insulet and soon Tyler it will be easier than ever to be an insulin using patient. We’ve said it before and will say it again insulin dosing algorithms will forever change insulin therapy for the better. And while we’re at its kudos also to Dexcom and Abbott for making accurate and reliable sensors for without these tools insulin dosing algorithms couldn’t work their magic nearly as well.

5. All the Dexcom wannabes – while we don’t think many of you have an ice cubes chance in hell of competing you do serve a very valuable purpose keeping Dexcom and Abbott from getting complacent. Competition drives innovation which ultimately produces better products which ultimately benefits patients and that’s what it’s all about.

6. Livongo and all the digital diabetes companies and no this isn’t a joke either. We may not think they have a profitable business model however they are trying to help patients more effectively manage their diabetes and this is never a bad thing.

7. A huge bit of thanks to all our loyal and growing list of subscribers.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.