Friday Fun More Wackiness

Friday Fun More Wackiness

Yes another week has come and gone so it’s fitting we review some of the wackier news that attracted our attention.

Beam Me Up Scotty

One of the more entertaining aspects of the wacky world of diabetes devices, glucose monitoring in particular, is this continued fascination with Star Trek like devices. Yes for years Diabetic Investor has seen just about every approach to develop … wait for it .. a non-invasive glucose monitor.  Now never mind that not one of these way cool high tech devices has ever been commercially successful. Or that most don’t even make it to the FDA. Or that even after an approach has been tried and failed that as sure as day follows night the idea will be recycled allowing companies to bilk even more money from investors.

The latest reinvention of an old and unsuccessful idea comes from none other than Princeton University. Apparently researchers from Princeton University measured blood sugar levels in diabetics using a specialized laser that passes rays through the skin cells without causing any harm. It is partially absorbed by sugar molecules present in the blood which helps in detecting the level of sugar in the blood.  According to Claire Gmachl, the Eugene Higgins Professor of Electrical Engineering and the project’s senior researcher, ‘We are working hard to turn engineering solutions into useful tools for people to use in their daily lives.”

That’s great but the only problem is this approach has been tried before; it didn’t work back then and likely won’t work now. But that won’t stop the engineers from trying as if there is one thing that’s constant in this wacky world, if at first you don’t succeed, take an old idea, give it a new name, go out raise money, fail and then repeat.

Ya Think

Diabetic Investor has come across all sorts of great quotes over the years and we’d like to add another to our list, this one from Robert Powell at the annual meeting of the American Association of Diabetes Educators; “We need to recognize how to effectively educate patients.” Really ya think.

Now Diabetic Investor does not know Mr. Powell and we’re sure his comments were well intentioned but to say that patients need to be better educated about their diabetes is like saying that Misses O’Leary’s cow started a small fire in Chicago.

Not to get on our soap box or anything but hundreds of studies have proven the most effective tool at producing better patient outcomes is .. .wait for it .. educated patients. Educated patients take their meds, measure their glucose levels and most importantly of all see better outcomes.  As obvious as this is it continues to amaze Diabetic Investor how many people continued to be fascinated by way cool devices and/or new drugs that yes are way cool but don’t mean a damn thing if they aren’t used by the patient. And just how does this happen …..

Now this is WHEY cool

According to research lead by an Israeli-Swedish team of scientists; imbibing a whey drink before breakfast reduces glucose levels. The scientists found that glucose levels were reduced 28% over the three-hour period following the meal when participants drank the whey solution in advance.Moreover, the pre-meal concoctions led to significantly higher insulin and C-peptide responses.

We can now add whey to tree grown nuts to the large and growing food groups that seem to impact diabetes. Not to mention the beneficial impact of drinking red wine.  Diabetic Investor continues to await research on the impact of drinking Miller Lite or Grey Goose. Or the equally important research as to which red wine does the best job of controlling diabetes.

As such we Diabetic Investor reached out once again to our pesky and very picky wine expert hoping for some guidance on this issue. Based on her expert opinion, a big and bold Cabernet is a perfect fit for diabetes, although a nice buttery Chardonnay might also get the job done.

Diabetic Investor will conduct the Miller Lite and Grey Goose research and get back to everyone on the results. Have a great weekend.