Finally hope for men

Finally hope for men

As regular readers of Diabetic Investor know we have long believed there has been a gender bias when it comes to diabetes research. While there has been several studies which have investigated the role a woman’s breast size has on diabetes few studies have been done on anything related to male related issues and diabetes. That’s why we read with great interest a study that appeared in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, and no we are not making this up.

The study entitled; Premature Ejaculation Is Associated with Glycemic Control in Type 1 Diabetes examined the role glycemic variability played in a man’s sexual performance. According to the study higher glycemic variability in the hypoglycemic domain is associated with premature ejaculation (PE) in young males with type 1 diabetes.

Now given the nature of a male’s obsession with how they perform sexually Diabetic Investor considers these findings significant. Frankly we can’t think of a better reason for males to strive for better diabetes management. Yes we know there are several complications associated with poorly controlled diabetes yet none that hits home like sexual performance, just ask any guy who’s suffered the embarrassment of PE. Although some woman might argue this just gives guys another excuse for not satisfying them sexually.

Diabetic Investor also believes physicians will be quick to use the findings of this study when explaining the benefits of properly controlling diabetes. A conversation that just may go like this … “Hey bubby if you don’t get your act together and start managing your diabetes properly your lady won’t be too happy. So get with the program my friend.”

We also see companies like Lilly (NYSE:LLY) and Pfizer (NYSE:PFE) using this study when promoting their erectile dysfunction (ED) drugs. Think of it one of the most well-known adverse events associated with these drugs is the 4 hour erection. Well now they just might add the line “Hey guys with diabetes don’t suffer the embarrassment of PE due to your poorly controlled diabetes. Use our drug and keep your lady happy.”

Now as sure as night follows day Diabetic Investor suspects that we will soon see additional studies which will delve deeper into this and other male sexual issues and diabetes management. Reading through the study no mention was made whether this issue was strictly related to heterosexual males or if gay men suffered the same issue. Nor was any mention made of whether the size of male’s sexual organ had any impact.

Heck we could even see a study that looks at whether the size of woman’s breast has any influence on PE. While we’re not sure if such a study would yield any relevant information we’re pretty sure it would be easy to find men with diabetes willing to participate in the study. Even better it’s likely these brave volunteers wouldn’t need to be compensated, that they’d do it for the benefit of science. Throw in some free Miller Lite and researchers will have more than enough study participants, males anyway.

Honestly we think finally what looks like useless diabetes research has yielded some valuable insight into how we can motivate men to better manage their diabetes. Listen nothing much else has worked so why not?