Finally a study we can all drink too

Finally a study we can all drink too

According to a study published in the
October issue of American Journal of Clinical Nutrition alcohol intake may reduce risk of diabetes incidence, and
may lower insulin secretion for those on a diabetes-prevention regimen.
According to the authors of the study; “Moderate alcohol intake was
associated with decreased insulin secretion, independent of insulin
sensitivity. The effect of chronic alcohol consumption on glucose metabolism,
especially b cell function, warrants further investigation.”

From time to time Diabetic Investor has
been critical of studies that do little more than get the authors name in
print. We have seen this with the many studies conducted on a woman’s breast
size and diabetes or the size of woman’s butt and diabetes. However Diabetic
Investor thinks this study is on to something and could actually lead to whole
new treatment paradigm for patients with diabetes or pre-diabetes.

Traditionally physicians recommend such
mundane things like diet, exercise and a host of medications to battle diabetes
or prevent diabetes from occurring. Considering that diabetes continues to grow
at epidemic rates and that the majority of patients with diabetes do not
achieve control everyone is looking for a therapy regimen that works. It is
also well known that therapy compliance is a large contributing factor as to
why the majority of patients are not achieving control.

Looking at the results of this study
Diabetic Investor believes we’ve stumbled on promising new treatment strategy that
patient’s will not only embrace bit enjoy. Instead of telling patients to watch
their weight or take their pills, physicians could soon be telling patients to
enjoy Happy Hour.

Who knows we could be seeing a whole new
set of companies appearing at diabetes conferences. Given that the conferences
have been pretty boring this year it might not be a bad idea to have Budweiser
or Jagermeister attend. Who knows at next year’s conferences we could be seeing
the Bud Girls or Jager chicks handing out samples to attendees.

We can only imagine the range of clinical studies
conducted to review this finding. Unlike other clinical studies which examine
boring drugs and devices, the researchers should have no problem finding a
willing pool of study participants. Think of what it would mean to local bars
and restaurants.

Given all the rancor over healthcare reform
Diabetic Investor is pretty sure knocking back a few was on anyone’s list for
how to deal with the diabetes epidemic. For years we’ve been looking for a
patient friendly cost effective treatment options. Thanks to this ground
breaking study we could start to a see a major shift in how diabetes is

So the next time someone raises a glass and
says “Let’s drink to good health” it’s probably a good bet that person has
diabetes and is just following their treatment regimen.