FDA BGM Meeting – Day One

FDA BGM Meeting – Day One

Looking back on the events that transpired at today’s FDA meeting on the accuracy of blood glucose monitors Diabetic Investor has come to the conclusion that no matter what the ultimate outcome from a business perspective not much will really change. The reality is that the BGM market has fully transformed itself into a commodity style market and nothing the FDA does or does not do will change this fact.

This is not to say there are no market implications that will come as a result of this meeting or that there won’t be winners and losers, there will be. In fact there was so much material coming from today’s meeting Diabetic Investor has decided to issue a special issue to cover the meeting properly. That being said two observations best sum up what occurred today-

1.      While glucose monitors may not be as accurate as some would like the industry has in reality come a long towards making monitors more accurate.

2.      There is a major disconnect between the FDA and the real world – this really isn’t news but this fact was reinforced throughout the day. Diabetic Investor is beginning to wonder if anyone at the FDA has even bothered to use these devices or spoken with more than one token real world patient.

Diabetic Investor will issue a complete and detailed wrap up of the meeting on Friday. So stay tuned this special issue will be worth the wait.