Once again, we’re mad as hell and not going to take it anymore. This morning per a press release;

“LifePlus Inc. today announced that it has entered the multi-billion-dollar smart medical wearables category with the introduction of Lifeleaf – the world’s first non-invasive continuous blood glucose monitoring multi-sensor wearable device. In addition to blood glucose monitoring, the patent-pending multi-sensor device non-invasively monitors heart rate, blood pressure, respiration rate and oxygen saturation. LifeLeaf by LifePlus is the first of its kind to non-invasively monitor the top five physiological health indicators and is based on an open standards based-software stack that is also available to license. The company also announced that LifeLeaf is currently active in five trials around the world.

LifePlus is backed by Silicon Valley-based JLA Advisors with industry visionary, serial tech-entrepreneur and White House Innovation Fellow John Trobough serving as the Executive Chairman of the Board. The announcement was made today at the Medical Wearables Conference in Santa Clara, Calif., where Trobough will also be presenting more LifePlus details to conference attendees tomorrow, May 17 at 2:15 p.m. at the Biltmore Hotel.

“We have been in stealth mode and today we are thrilled to announce the introduction of LifeLeaf as part of the burgeoning medical wearables category,” said Trobough. “Managing diabetes and other chronic diseases requires early and timely detection, rapid intervention and high compliance. LifeLeaf exceeds those requirements with its patent-pending open standards-based software stack and cloud-based analytics. LifeLeaf is different from any other product and software technology available – it is truly unique and we are excited to make this multi-sensor capability available to companies and developers globally.”

LifeLeaf by LifePlus is a multi-sensor wearable smartwatch that continuously and non-invasively monitors and tracks major chronic health risks such as diabetes, cardiac arrhythmia, congestive heart failure, COPD, sleep apnea and hypertension. It is a cloud-based AI solution with a user-interface that is simple and easy to use, as well as a connected mobile app that provides cloud-based analytics with real-time notifications. The product is targeted at the multi-billion-dollar medical wearables market, with an emphasis on the self-monitoring blood glucose market. The LifeLeaf wearable will be available later this year.”

Now before we go any further let’s make one thing very clear – THIS IS COMPLETE BULLSHIT.

Take a look at the quote from Mr. Trobough which contains more buzz words than Minnesota has lakes. Of course, the LifePlus website lacks any real information but damn it is way cool. What’s amazing here is that people are buying into this crap. That poor dead cat as LifePlus is just the latest company to tout a device which doesn’t exist, stands no chance of existing and even if it was real, which it isn’t, has no chance of being commercially viable.

The reality here is everyone of these “wearable” devices are nothing more than snake oil and its time for this to stop. We will not stand ideally by while these snake oil salesmen continue to peddle this crap. But what really burns our butt here is why is no one else calling these people out for what they really are. Where is the outrage? Why haven’t these companies been exposed? Is Diabetic Investor the only media outlet willing to tell the truth?

Hey West Coast Mafia do you not have a responsibility to tell your followers the truth? Or are you too busy worrying about how you look while testifying before Congress about an issue that really isn’t an issue at all.

Hey, ADA and JDRF, do you not have the same responsibility? Or are you too busy raising money to fund more whiz bang way cool toys that won’t do a damn thing for patients?

Listen we understand how the main stream media can be so easily duped. But there is no excuse for people who should know better sitting on the sidelines doing and saying nothing. Do these people and groups have no conscious?

We’re sorry but we are not going to sit and do nothing. We will continue to expose each and every one of these scams. That’s right scams which are designed to do only one thing, rip people off.

It’s time for this to end and the sooner the better. ENOUGH WITH THE BULLSHIT.