Enough already

Enough already

Red Meat Linked to Type 2 Diabetes – Sedentary lifestyles connected to type 2 diabetes

These are just two headlines that popped up recently and point to a growing problem with absolutely useless diabetes research. The first one regarding red meat comes courtesy of our friends at that bastion of higher education the Harvard School of Public Health. According to these eggheads; “The research team found that one daily serving of 100 grams of unprocessed red meat accounted for a 19 percent increase in risk of developing diabetes, and a 50 gram serving of processed meat, which includes foods like hot dogs, sausages, and bacon, was linked with a whopping 51 percent increase in risk.”

One of the co-authors of this groundbreaking research noted – “I think the study conclusion could be to replace red meat with white meat. Consider nuts, soybeans, and other sources of protein,” said co-author Qi Sun. “That is the key message this paper is delivering to the public.”

The second useless study comes from the University of Missouri and basically concludes people who regularly exercise are not immune to developing type 2 diabetes if their lifestyle is otherwise sedentary. According to an article posted on endocrineweb “The new study, which was published in the Journal of Applied Physiology, is among the first to show that periods of regular exercise are not enough shield a person from type 2 diabetes. The findings suggest that people who live sedentary lifestyles may need to adjust the way they live to incorporate more activity into their daily routines.”

Now there are some who will believe that it’s essential that patients and physicians know everything they can to better manage their diabetes. There are those who would argue that the more we know about the causes of diabetes the better we’ll be able to prevent diabetes from developing. To all of these people wherever they are Diabetic Investor says – GET REAL FOLKS THERE IS A REASON DIABETES IS AN EPIDEMIC.

Frankly we’ve known for years that if people who don’t eat a “proper” diet they are at greater risk of developing diabetes. We also have known for years that sedentary lifestyles contribute to another epidemic – obesity and we all know that there is a strong link between obesity and diabetes.  What these eggheads who conduct this useless research fail to grasp is that most people don’t eat “proper” diets and even less lead active lifestyles. The truth is most people are getting sick and tired of being told what they can and cannot eat.  They are equally annoyed at being told to live an active lifestyle.

In the real world, somewhere where these researchers do not live, diabetes is as much a lifestyle as it is a chronic disease. In the real world, most people are more concerned about getting through the day then they are about doing all things these “experts” are telling them to do so they don’t develop diabetes. The simple fact is in the real world most people think diabetes is something that happens to the other guy and not to them.

Perhaps someone should explain to these researchers for all their great research diabetes is still growing at epidemic rates and that nearly two-thirds of patients who develop diabetes are not properly controlling their diabetes, which can lead to devastating and costly complications. Perhaps someone should tell these eggheads it just might be better to find ways to make the patient’s life easier rather than constantly telling people what they can and cannot do. Frankly it sickens Diabetic Investor how these researchers who most likely don’t have diabetes have no clue what it’s actually like to live with diabetes. That they ignore other research that has found that patients with diabetes would sacrifice years off their lives rather than do all things necessary to properly control their diabetes.

What all these eggheads assume is that people actually give a damn and are truly concerned about everything they put in their mouths or their activity levels. If this was actually true diabetes would not be growing at epidemic rates.

The time has come for everyone to accept the fact that no matter how hard they try they cannot control how people eat or act. That most people ignore the consequences of their actions believing that should something come up they will deal with it then.  While it’s uncomfortable to these ivory tower researchers this is how things work in the real world. Here we are in 2011 and there is abundance of research that shows the many problems associated with obesity yet you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a person – adult or child – who is obese.

While Diabetic Investor understands it’s difficult for these eggheads to come down from the ivory tower and actually understand human behavior in a non-controlled environment, that’s exactly what needs to happen if we are ever to get research that actually helps the millions of patients with pre-diabetes and actual diabetes. It’s time to acknowledge the obvious and look for workable solutions.

Lastly Diabetic Investor has a request for the people and institutions who actually fund all this useless research; The next time they review a request for funding ask some simple questions – Will this research yield something we don’t already know? Will this research actually help patients in the real world and not just in the cold sterile laboratory environment? Will this research do anything other than get published?

The stark reality is, as much as Diabetic Investor likes to have a little fun, this is a serious situation as millions of dollars are being wasted. Here we are with diabetes growing at epidemic rates, transforming diabetes from a healthcare crisis into an economic crisis and what are researchers doing – telling us that fat people are more likely to develop diabetes.  This is like the government telling the American public we have budget issues- YA THINK.