Endo Society Meeting

Endo Society Meeting

Writing today from the Endocrine Society meeting here in my hometown of Chicago, which is also home to the Loyola Ramblers the sweet 16 Loyola Ramblers. Now this conference has been going on since last Friday but hey it was St. Patty’s Day on Saturday and anyone who’s been in Chicago on St. Patty’s Day knows its not exactly a day to attend a conference. We could have come yesterday but then again we would have missed all the upsets in the NCAA tournament.

So here it is Monday and well since its in my hometown and we had nothing much going we thought what the heck lets take a walk through the exhibit hall and see if anything strikes our fancy. Honestly we didn’t expect anything but we did see the new delivery system for Bydureon and the pen for Ozempic. And we liked both. The new Bydureon pen is a vast improvement over the old system unfortunately the needle size has not changed.

In typical Novo Nordisk (NYSE: NVO) fashion the Ozempic pen is simple to use and elegantly designed. Leave it to Novo to do what they do best and that’s have some of the best delivery systems in the business.

Other than those two delivery systems it’s the same old same old. However a few funny things to point out;

1. Our wine drinking friends have come with a new slogan for Lantus something like there is no substitute. Now we have no idea which marketing guru came up with this new slogan but whoever did we have to admire their spirit.

2. Tandem (NASDAQ: TNDM), Insulet (NASDAQ: PODD), Dexcom (NASDAQ: DXCM), Abbott (NYSE: ABT) with the FreeStyle Libre, Companion and Goolko the usual suspects are all here with nothing of substance going on but hey they get to enjoy our great city.

3. Yes we know it’s a Monday and the floor is void of people but we’re beginning to wonder when these conferences will no longer exist.

4. We’re also beginning to wonder when the ADA, AADE and AACE will get together and have just one conference instead of three not very well attended conferences.

5. Yes our brackets like everyone else’s are busted but the two teams we have winning it all either Kentucky and Villanova are still alive which means we still have a chance to win the pool which is saying something given this wacky tournament.

Well we wish something else exciting going on here and let’s be honest has any conference which targets endocrinologists ever been exciting, so that’s it for now.