EASD Day One

EASD Day One

First and foremost, it’s nice to be attending conference that has some life. While the ADA conference has become about as interesting as watching paint dry, lacking any energy or enthusiasm. Here in beautiful Lisbon it’s the exact opposite. The exhibit hall in sharp contrast to ADA is well attended and vibrant. So, let’s get right too it-

By far the most intriguing device is the YpsoPump® from Ypsomed. Basically, Ypsomed has taken a little bit from everyone. Their touch screen and user interface reminds us of the Tandem (NASDAQ: TNDM) t: slim. Also like everyone else they integrated a conventional glucose monitor and of course some way cool whiz bang cloud enabled software. But what really separates this system from everyone else is something that long overdo – a pre-filled cartridge which takes away one the biggest hassles for pump patients.

As we have been stating for some time insulin pumps like every other diabetes device have become a commodity. Yes, there are some minor differences between systems but the majority of insulin pumps do the same thing the same way. Simply put the YpsoPump is not revolutionary it just combines the best of what everyone else has done in one nice neat package. Bottom line, it makes pumping simpler and this is long overdue.

We suspect it’s just a matter of time before the pump integrates with a CGM and becomes a fully integrated system.
Sticking with the pump market there are just too many patch pump companies to chose from. Seriously you can’t swing a dead cat in the exhibit hall without hitting one of these companies. Which made us wonder what we are missing as so far no one not even Insulet (NASDAQ: PODD) has shown they can make any money with a patch pump.

You can also add CGM to dead cat list. Yep everyone and we mean everyone is jumping on the CGM bandwagon. Do these new systems work? Can they be manufactured in scale? Can they find a market? Honestly, we have no idea here is what we do know; This market right now belongs to Dexcom (NASDAQ: DXCM) and Abbott (NYSE: ABT) and we see these two extending their lead over everyone else.

The more we learn about the FreeStyle Libre the more we understand why it has exceeded everyone’s expectations. The Libre is not about accuracy it’s about fitting into the patient’s life. Besides not requiring calibration the fact the Libre does not show trend lines nor does it alarm is a plus not minus. Simply put the Libre allows the patient to use it as they see fit. Do we believe it would be enhanced with alarms and more sophisticated reporting, of course. However, this is a very patient friendly system and the more we talk with people who use it the more we understand why.

That’s it for now.