Don’t blame them

Don’t blame them

One of the more frustrating things about being a person with diabetes, and there are many, is when someone who does not have diabetes gives you advice or tells us about the latest greatest thing in diabetes they just read about or saw on Facebook or TV. Years ago, this was annoying, especially when this ignorance came from someone in management at a company in this wacky world of ours. But then we remembered there’s a reason they’re in management and it has nothing to do with knowledge.

We also excused ignorance from people who didn’t have diabetes as quite frankly we knew what we were doing. As Momma Kliff used to say; “Advice, even when it comes from someone who doesn’t know a damn thing is still given with the best of intentions, no matter who stupid it sounds.”

What we cannot excuse is when patients with diabetes, people who should know better, fall into the stupidity hole. We have seen this on several occasions, the most notable being Afrezza. Several people who we thought were smart just couldn’t understand that a drug that works could be a commercial failure. They could not separate the therapeutic side of diabetes from the business of diabetes.

This week we witnessed more examples of this and have come to the belief that we should not blame these people no let’s do what we always do – have a little fun. Now since we don’t want to embarrass anyone the names have been changed to protect the ignorant, oops innocent.

We must have meet with 7 or 8 Dexcom (NASDAQ: DXCM) wannabees. Yes, as we noted it seems everyone has a way cool whiz bang cloud enabled CGM which is ALMOST as accurate as the current Dexcom CGM. And by golly they will be as accurate as Dexcom come hell or high water even if it kills them or bankrupts them whichever comes first. Yes, they all have reams of data, very pretty web sites and you guessed it, lots of POTENTIAL partners.

Yet it’s amazing when you ask these people a few simple questions. Please, oh wise one, tell me what problem you are solving for? Your data looks great, can you tell me how you plan on commercializing your toy? Hey, can you make the damn thing? And if you can; can you do so at massive scale? Oh, by the way, do you have sales strategy? Have you talked with payors?

Talk about blank stares, deer caught in the headlights, dead ducks more like Daffy Duck. Seriously these are very smart people much smarter than we are, ok that isn’t saying much, but they are way smart. To these very smart people it’s all about way cool whiz bang but when it comes to running a commercially successful diabetes device company forget about it. Folks it’s time to learn that the days of if you build it, we will buy it are over.

Yet Dexcom wannabes aren’t the only people who suffer from this malady, believe it or not there are lots of Insulet (NASDAQ: PODD) wannabees. Something that shocks us as Insulet hasn’t been all that successful. Still lots of people think that the David can slay Goliath with a sling shot and a rock. Yep like their friends in the CGM sandbox, they too believe it’s all about way cool whiz bang. Ask the same question as we did the CGM wannabes adjusted for insulin pumps, these very smart people suddenly become adults speaking gibberish to their grandchild.

Momma Kliff used to say that if you put an intelligent adult in front of their newborn grandchild they suddenly act like a blithering idiot. Which means come November we’re toast, but we digress. Anyway, this is the same reaction we get when we ask what we think are very simple and very relevant questions. Questions we guess their investors never bothered to ask.

Now at this point we could really embarrass the hell out of these supposedly very smart people, but I’ve been told that when your first grandchild is on the way this is not appropriate behavior. Grandpa’s aren’t supposed to call these very smart people clueless when it comes to what really matters today. Granddad’s shouldn’t tell these supposedly smart people that way cool whiz bang doesn’t mean a damn thing when you can’t successfully commercialize this way cool whiz bang toy. Pa pa’s or whatever they want to call me shouldn’t need to remind these very smart people how stupid they sound.

Nope granddads just don’t do this kind of thing, now Momma Kliff well that’s different.