Diabetes a “blessing”

Diabetes a “blessing”

Just when it looked like the Paula Deen controversy couldn’t get any stranger, and that’s really saying something given how this whole situation has unfolded, but the mouth that roared told Al Rocker of the Today show that she considers diabetes to be a blessing. During the interview she states “God has given me a blessing. Because my mother and daddy died very young, and I feel so proud that I’ve lived long enough to be a part of the Baby Boomers and have to deal with something like this!”

Given the amount of publicity Ms. Deen generates with each of her stupid remarks, remarks which Diabetic Investor believes clearly shows that she is completely out of touch with her diabetes and that her diabetes is nothing more than a cash station for her, one has to wonder how much longer Novo Nordisk (NYSE:NVO) will keep the mouth that roars employed. Diabetes is many things but we doubt that if you ask the millions of patients with diabetes, Type 1 or Type 2, that they would tell they thought having diabetes is a blessing.

More than likely these people, at least the ones, who understand their diabetes and are actually trying to manage it, would tell you that exact opposite and state that diabetes is one huge pain in the rear. Only someone who is not actively managing their diabetes would make the stupid comment that they are glad they lived long enough to have to deal with something like this. The fact is managing diabetes is a 24 hour per day job done 365 days per year and there are no days off. Several studies have shown that patients with diabetes would actually sacrifice years off their lives rather than do all the tasks related to sound diabetes management. To say that diabetes is a somehow a blessing isn’t just stupid; it’s an insult to every person with diabetes who is busting their butt each and every day trying to manage their diabetes.

These people unlike Ms. Deen are not chowing down on cheeseburgers and fries, nor are the touting high fat, high calorie, high sugar recipes that a person with diabetes has no business eating. These people unlike Ms. Deen understand that diabetes is serious condition that when left uncontrolled can lead to deadly complications.

To Diabetic Investor Ms. Deen is the perfect illustration of person with diabetes who really doesn’t understand the disease and believes that it’s really no big deal. Frankly each time Ms. Deen opens her mouth it becomes increasingly clear that she knows nothing about diabetes and basically sees her diabetes as another way for her to make money.

The time has come for everyone to stop pussy footing around and call Ms. Deen for what she really is a celebrity chef who’s capitalizing on her celebrity. Both her actions and words make this clear. She is not an example of what patients with diabetes should do; nor is she a strong patient advocate.  Paula Deen is about Paul Deen and how she can make as much money as possible. All this crap about her donating a portion of her earnings to the American Diabetes Association is just that- crap.

Diabetic Investor knows several people who have not only donated millions to the ADA but have also donated their time trying to help patients with diabetes; people who could care less about being in the limelight and truly care about the millions of people with diabetes and the millions more who will likely develop diabetes. These people are not donating their time and money because they are looking for tax-deduction or they want to polish their public reputation; they are doing this because they really care about people with diabetes.

Diabetic Investor would bet one of Ms. Deen high sugar recipes that had there been no controversy of how she hide the fact that she had diabetes only to reveal this when she had an endorsement deal in place, that she was not donating anything to the ADA. Truth be told, the ADA’s good fortune is basically due to Ms. Deen’s hypocrisy. This is like a star athlete who gets caught with drugs doing community service announcement about the ills of drug usage or a celebrity who gets caught abusing animals donating a portion of their huge salary to some animal rights charity. The fact is these celebrities could care less about the donation or where the money goes; what they care about is how the public, the public who watches their shows or comes to see them play, perceives them.

Frankly Diabetic Investor hopes Ms. Deen continues to keep explaining her decision and keeps giving interviews. As the old saying goes; better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. When it comes to Paula Deen there is little doubt that not only is she a hypocrite but an insensitive hypocrite to boot. Only an idiot would state that diabetes is a blessing, so if the shoe fits…..