Dexcom Reports – Another Step Closer

Dexcom Reports – Another Step Closer

While everyone else in diabetes devices continues to struggle Dexcom (NASDAQ:DXCM) continues to perform well and move closer to their longer term goal of selling the company. The company’s success is hardly a surprise to Diabetic Investor as market conditions for continuous glucose monitoring continue to improve. The reimbursement environment has improved and as more study data becomes available the value of CGM is becoming clearer. The question is no longer if CGM adds value or if patients will use CGM on a regular basis. The question now really is who will come along and buy Dexcom.


As Diabetic Investor has reported previously Dexcom fits well with several companies and not just insulin pump companies. The fact that patients following a multiple daily injection therapy regimen are adopting CGM opens new doors to Dexcom and could well draw the attention of insulin companies. Let’s not forget their hospital device continues to improve which opens even more doors. Dexcom may 100% CGM, but the opportunities for CGM are expanding in multiple areas.


It is also becoming clear that Dexcom is setting the pace for innovation in CGM and looks to extend their leadership position with the continual introduction of new, more advanced systems. This leadership position extends beyond making a sensor more accurate and reliable and now includes making the system more patient friendly.


Although these results were expected by Diabetic Investor it was refreshing to see a company actually execute well. So many times in the diabetes device market we hear lots of talk but very little in the way of real execution. Instead of making excuses for product delays or poor economic conditions, Dexcom instead executes with precision. Dexcom shows what can be accomplished when you focus on getting things done instead of complaining about market conditions or healthcare reform. Dexcom understood it would not be an easy road to success but unlike so many others they took on the challenge. No matter what obstacles stood in their way they remained vigilant in their pursuit of making the company a success.


The bottom line here is that Dexcom and their shareholders will be rewarded for these efforts, as they should be. This is one fine company and others in the diabetes device arena would be wise to follow the excellent example set by Dexcom.