Déjà vu All Over Again

Déjà vu All Over Again

Last week One Drop received lots of press coverage and social media noise as the system is now being sold in select Apple stores. The following bullet points from a CNBC post is an example of the coverage:

• Select Apple Stores now sell One Drop, a blood glucose monitor that closely integrates with the iPhone and the Apple Watch.

• It’s the only diabetes product that Apple is selling in its physical stores, although Apple previously carried One Drop online.

• Apple is increasingly breaking into the health space by selling consumer-oriented products and integrating the data from them in its Health app, making the iPhone and Apple Watch hubs for people’s personal health

Now we realize that everything Apple does is over the top cool heck they are the keepers of way cool. And not to dish CNBC any but it’s no secret that Apple is diving into the diabetes pool as they also have a relationship with Dexcom. And this is NOT the first time a glucose meter has been sold in Apple Stores either. Check the following back on May 2, 2012 mobihealthnews posted:

“In recent years Apple stores began selling fitness devices other than those offered by long time partner Nike+. The company also added Withings’ WiFi-enabled scale to its store shelves. Soon followed iHealth’s iOS Blood Pressure Monitor dock and more. This week Cupertino’s retail stores have begun selling Sanofi’s iBGStar device, the first FDA cleared iPhone-enabled blood glucose meter. MobiHealthNews learned about the launch during an on-site meeting at Sanofi headquarters in Bridgewater, New Jersey this week.”

Yet the irony does not stop at the fact Apple has done this before no the true irony here is that the One Drop meter and the iBGStar both are made by AgaMatrix. See the One Drop meter as way cool and whiz bang as it is in fact is just an AgaMatrix meter in shiny new box. But such facts don’t seem to matter much these days nor does it seem to matter much that One Drop has been offering aggressive discounts to capture more customers.

What seems to matter to everyone is the Apple the keeper of cool is somehow endorsing One Drop and therefore by default means Apple will use this platform to make their deep dive into diabetes. Well we hate to break the news to everyone, but Apple is much smarter than that and if they were going to make the deep dive into diabetes, they would use Dexcom to do it NOT One Drop.

We hate to bring up those pesky facts again but what have we been saying about all these way cool whiz bang toys like One Drop and Livongo they are just old ideas in a shiny new box. They are hardly innovative and quite frankly they are already outdated technology. Even worse for One Drop and Livongo they will soon be replaced by cheaper versions of Libre and Dexcom. The fact is CGM will become the standard for glucose measurement and not just for insulin using patients but for all patients regardless of how they manage their diabetes. What no one seems to grasp is non-insulin using patients will just use CGM differently than an insulin using patient.

Apple being the smart people they are already realize this and also know CGM has other applications as well, applications which have a much broader market and fit perfectly into their quest to add new revenue streams. While everyone looks at CGM as a diabetes tool it’s just a matter of time before CGM morphs into a weight loss tool as well. A tool which when combined with a host of way cool whiz bang apps will help people lose weight. Apps which will also be sold on the Apple Store.

One last thing before we begin our Fourth of July holiday in case anyone has forgotten and based on the reporting, we have seen they have, Apple’s first go around with BGM didn’t end well. See back in the day the iBGStar was billed as way cool whiz bang just One Drop is today. Just as everyone is going gaga over One Drop today, they were also doing the happy dance for the iBGStar back when it came along. So where is the once way cool whiz band iBGStar? Way dead and long gone.

Now some will point out that the failure of the iBGStar had as much to do with the fact that Sanofi was involved and frankly it’s hard to argue with that fact. Yet it also points out that just because Apple decides to put something in their stores it in no way guarantees it will sell. But heck why let the facts get in the way of some solid world class hype.

As Yogi Berra said, “It’s déjà vu all over again.”