Dead Cat Club

Dead Cat Club

Rather than start a fund for the poor dead cat, we have decided instead to establish a Dead Cat Club. That anytime someone enters the insulin pump, CGM, app arena they get an immediate and full membership rights of the club. Which include but are not limited to the following-

Insulin Pump Members receive the privilege of entering one of the most complex, labor intensive, high cost markets plus the additional perk of getting their heads bashed in by Medtronic.

CGM Members receive permission to use the following phrases – “We’ll be as good as Dexcom.” Which of course will be followed by “We’ll be cheaper too.” Then they have the right to talk all they want about whiz bang way cool while being clueless as to how to run a commercially viable CGM company.

App Members receive permission to talk about how their way cool whiz bang app will revolutionize diabetes management forever when in reality it does nothing different than any other app and just as likely won’t be used very much.

Today we would like to welcome Sanofi, Verily and Sensile to the Insulin Pump Dead Cat Club. Yep according to an announcement yesterday; “Sensile Medical, Sanofi and Verily (formerly Google Life Sciences) are collaborating on development and commercialization of a connected insulin patch pump.”

Per a story posted on the Drug Delivery web site – “Our goal is to develop a new type of pump technology that is simple to use and appropriate for people with Type II diabetes, as well as by those with Type I diabetes who are the primary users of insulin pumps today,” CEO Derek Brandt said in prepared remarks.

OK let’s stop right there and state for the record we are going to puke every time we hear a company whose dumb enough to enter the insulin pump market in the first place say out loud they are targeting Type 2 patients. Everyone has said it and no one not even mighty Medtronic has done it. SO PLEASE STOP SAYING IT.

Next do we need to remind everyone of Sanofi’s outstanding track record in diabetes devices or their track record with diabetes related partnerships. Please have these people not suffered enough.

Third must we remind everyone that Roche, JNJ, Asante and Deltec have all come and gone. And we hear Roche coming back for more abuse as they plan to launch their Solo patch pump. Oh, what about that other patch pump company CellNovo. Or what about BD who for reasons only they can fathom has their patch pump. Did we mention Lilly getting in here too?

Must we remind everyone that Tandem and Insulet have 20% of the market, Medtronic has 80% and this is called a MONOPOLY.

The West Coast Mafia has been clamoring for more choices in the insulin pump market ever since JNJ decided to shut down Animas and transfer those patients to Medtronic. They stated, incorrectly which isn’t unusual for this group, that Medtronic’s deal with UnitedHealthcare would stifle innovation. So, let’s if we’ve got this straight besides Tandem, Insulet and Medtronic in the market now we have Lilly, CellNovo, Roche and g-d knows who else entering the market. Yep no patient choice whatsoever and damn no innovation either.

Seriously we’re beginning to think that the West Coast Mafia and Sanofi should team up as neither knows a thing about the business of diabetes. But we digress.

So, let’s raises our glasses and toast the new members of the Dead Cat Club and remember membership has its privileges which besides what we’ve already mentioned includes the right to spend hundreds of millions to make a few thousand bucks if that.

As our good friend Loopy Lou says; “What’s the best way to get a small fortune? Start with a big one.”

Welcome to the club and good luck because your sure as hell going to need it.