Day late dollar short

Day late dollar short

Well at long last Sanofi (NYSE: SNY) has received FDA approval for their once-daily GLP-1 Adlyxin. Too bad for the company this approval comes when Novo Nordisk (NYSE: NVO) already owns this category with Victoza and the real growth in the category will come within the once-weekly segment. Now we could say this is so typical of Sanofi, a near perfect illustration of how when it comes to diabetes products not named Lantus they couldn’t find a lake in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 lakes.

The real question is what now, just how do they take this copycat, me-too, WAY LATE to market drug and make it into something. The answer of course is they won’t. The only way and we mean the ONLY way to even give this drug a chance is to offer deep discounts and huge rebates. Which makes us wonder why even try in the first place, what like any reasonable person would blame them for only putting in a halfhearted effort to sell the drug.

Yet, knowing Sanofi as we do, a company loathe to admit mistakes we suspect they will give it the good old college try. Yes, they will waste precious resources trying to put lipstick on a pig. They will try and fail to convenience their sales team that this dog does not have flees. The same sales team they just love to throw under the bus for not being able to sell me-too, copycat, way late to market drugs. A sales force whose morale is lower than whale dung.

Honestly we hope Sanofi gives it a go as it will be hysterical listening to future earnings calls as management tries to explain why this me-too, copycat, way too late to market drug just isn’t selling. Heck we can’t until tomorrow when the company reports earnings and tries to use this approval to deflect attention from how badly the diabetes franchise is performing. Sanofi may not know jack when it comes to how manage a diabetes franchise but they sure as hell provide for some great copy.

Given what we learned about how badly AstraZeneca (NYSE: AZN) is managing their diabetes franchise we would just love it if one of the analysts on the call asks about the possibility of acquiring this beleaguered franchise. Frankly this would be too much to hope for but just imagine the outstanding copy that would provide. Talk about two wrongs making one larger, heck HUGE disaster.

We’d also like someone to ask about how their much hyped partnership with Google is going. If it’s like all their other partnerships in diabetes it’s going nowhere in a hurry.

Saying that Sanofi has issues with their diabetes franchise is like saying that Hillary Clinton has trust issues while her opponent Donald Trump has a major case of foot in mouth disease. Better yet given all the attention Russia is getting these days why not blame everything on the Russians. The company can claim that Russia hacked into their systems, stole valuable documents and then gave them to their competitors. Competitors who will obviously deny all this saying the Russian are too busy trying to help the Donald get elected president.

Frankly Diabetic Investor isn’t sure which train wreck is more amusing, the Presidential election or watching Sanofi manage their diabetes franchise. The crazy thing and that’s saying something here, is at least Sanofi’s continued screw up only hurts the company and their stakeholders. The choice for President has real and long lasting consequences, heaven help us.