[Dave’s Run For Diabetes] The Difference between men and boys- TOYS

[Dave’s Run For Diabetes] The Difference between men and boys- TOYS

Today’s Stats 6.31 miles 1:18:29 avg. pace 12:25/mile

In case your wondering how I come up with my daily stats I run wearing a GPS device, the Garmin Forerunner 205. This great toy lets me download my stats to my computer and helps me track my progress.

Another great toy is the IPOD shuffle, it’s the smallest version of the IPOD,has a 1 gigabyte capacity, the sound is outstanding, it’s easy to operate and best of all it weighs practically nothing. I also have another MP3 player which besides holding 4 hours worth of music it has an FM radio. Not as light as the IPOD shuffle but very easy to carry.

On my longer runs I take along water and glucose (in case my sugars drop). On real long runs I take water, Gatorade, glucose and my cell phone. Occasionally I see other runners running and talking on their cellphones at the same time. Never quite understood what the heck was so important that someone would be on the phone and run at the same time.

To me one of the best parts about running is that I’m away from the rest of the world. Just me and my music. It’s hard to explain to someone who has never run but there are days you just get into a zone and it feels as if you can run forever. This is one of the greatest feelings a runner can have – can’t imagine that great feeling being interrupted by a phone call.

You might have noticed that I did not list my glucose meter as one of things I take with me on my runs. There are several reasons for this, first my meter is contained in Personal Diabetes Manager (PDM) which controls my OmniPod insulin delivery system. Before each run I check to see what my levels are just in case I need to add some carbs or change the amount of insulin that is being delivered. I must say the OmniPod is one cool device and has made training more enjoyable.

When I trained for my first marathon I was using a different insulin pump, because the pump used long tubes it was a real pain to run with. I was constantly worried about the pump falling off my shorts and ripping the infusion set off my body. The OmniPod is a wireless system – no tubes,the Pod which contains the insulin stays attached to my body and I don’t have to worry about any tubing.

Looks like an off day tomorrow and a nice long run this weekend- think I’ll shot for at least 11 miles but 12 or 13 would be better – who knows maybe I’ll get in a zone this weekend