Damn Straight – NOW LISTEN UP

Damn Straight – NOW LISTEN UP

It’s a rare occasion when we dedicate any post and rarer still to a person we do not know and have never meet. But this post is dedicated to Rebecca Amico, a woman with Type 2 diabetes and who through a Facebook post has sparked a much-needed debate. Although we have never meet Ms. Amico we both share a common belief that patients with Type 2 diabetes are looked down upon, even discriminated against by off all people patients with Type 1 diabetes. As we have written many times it’s almost as if these people don’t think any patient with Type 2 diabetes has diabetes.

Now unless you work at Sanofi (NYSE: SNY) and are completely brain dead it should be obvious that this post and accompanying comments should be required reading. We particularly encourage every executive in this industry to get on Facebook and read this. Yes, we know you are busy finding new and creative ways to make your quarterly bonus, so just for a moment stop stuffing the channel with product or using creative accounting so you can hit your number and read this.

DO NOT assign this task to an underling NO actually sit down for a moment and read this. Listen let’s face some facts we know you have people monitoring social media which we find assuming as so many of you are clueless to what’s really going on. Now we just assumed one of two things was happening. Either the people who you have hired are only giving the news you want to hear or you aren’t listening.

While we can’t say we are huge fans of social media when it comes to diabetes and real patients with diabetes it’s a much more honest platform than some stupid focus group. These are real patients who have real concerns and they are not just Type 1. Type 1 patients may be more vocal and more active on social media but that in no way means Type 2 patients are not using social media.

Our next message goes out to the West Coast Mafia all those diabetes bloggers who claim to care about all patients with diabetes but have a clear bias against those with Type 2 diabetes. Don’t even pretend that this is not true as it is so obvious even a Sanofi executive can see it. Enough already. Are not the issues which impact patients with Type 1 diabetes also not impacting those with Type 2 diabetes? Is not the debate over the fate of ObamaCare important to all patients? Do not insulin using Type 2 patients also want a lower out of pocket cost for their insulin? Are Type 2 patients not entitled to better drugs and devices?

Frankly it sickens us that this bias exist, diabetes is diabetes a global epidemic which is creating not just a healthcare crisis but an economic one. Everyone talks a good game but that’s all it is, lots of hot air. Listen we know this all about money, who makes it, who spends it and who saves it. And one would think that since patients with Type 2 diabetes vastly outnumber those with Type 1, they at minimum wouldn’t be discriminated against. To put this in terms everyone can understand it’s Type 1 patients who are in the MINORITY.

When was the last time anyone has seen the MAJORITY discriminated against and the MINORITY granted favored status? About the only time we can remember this happening it was called apartheid and thankfully that ended years ago.

So, to every diabetes executive do yourself a favor and read the post and the comments. To all the members of the West Coast Mafia end the discrimination and speak out on behalf of ALL patients with diabetes.

Or as Momma Kliff would say to both groups; “Take your head out of your ass and pay attention.”