Criminal Behavior

Criminal Behavior

There are days when it’s easy to understand why management gets a bad rap. Why so many think these executives are nothing but money grubbing criminals who could care less about patients and only about enriching themselves. As if we needed more evidence of this check this out, according to court documents Unilife which filed for bankruptcy earlier this month asked a judge to approve, get this, $1 million retention bonuses for 4 key executives provided the company is sold.

According to a post on the Drug Delivery web site besides asking that these bonuses be paid –

“The cash-strapped company owes more than $22 million to Sanofi, Kahle Automation, Morgan Stanley, Hikma Pharmaceuticals and MECO Inc., according to documents that Unilife filed in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware.”

Keep in mind that earlier this month the company laid off 51 employees.

So, let’s see if we’ve got this straight – after running this company into the ground, after getting paid handsomely, after laying off 51 employees and owing creditors more than $22 million these criminals, oh excuse us, these executives want another $1 million should the company get sold. Talk about chutzpah.

Seriously it’s difficult not to look at this and think these executives are lucky they aren’t part of the Chicago mob. An organization that would have rewarded this type of behavior not with million dollar bonuses but a pair of cement shoes and a trip down to the bottom of the Chicago river. Listen at least when the mob steals they don’t ask the courts after they are caught red handed for time off for good behavior. Even the mob knows that if they do the crime they better be prepared to do the time when they get caught.

Heck one just might think that our wine drinking friends who are so fond of beheadings would pull out the guillotine here. Or that they would work with the other creditors, hire a pro and get these executives whacked. Personally, we would prefer these executives we’re made to suffer before they were whacked think Joe Pesci in the movie Casino when he put the mob thug’s head in a vice before slitting his throat.

Now if that seems harsh, that the punishment does not fit the crime we can understand that but then again, we’re not sure we could do anything more painful and get away with it. We did consider allowing investors and creditors the opportunity to publicly stone these criminals like they did in the old days but that likely is just a bit over the top. Then again ….. why the heck not and we could put it on YouTube and Facebook and make an example of these criminals. Oh, how fun.

Come to think of it we can turn this whole event into a fund raiser for diabetes research. Yep we could charge say $100 for each stone thrown and give the proceeds to a worthy diabetes charity. At minimum at least patients might get something good out of this and heavens knows they will certainly feel better watching these criminals suffer.

Quite frankly these executives are very lucky Momma Kliff isn’t responsible for their punishment. Mom besides being wise was one tough lady who would not tolerate such behavior. After Momma Kliff was done with them they just might wish it was the Chicago Mob they were dealing with. It would not just be off with their heads, that would be just the beginning before she really got nasty.