Classless Move

Classless Move

One of the perks of our job has been many companies provide us with free products. This isn’t an uncommon practice and Diabetic Investor is not the only media outlet that has been extended this courtesy. Back in the day before social media marketing became a business the hope was we would use these products and then write about them. There was a time when we had so many free meters we could have opened our own pharmacy.

In the past Insulet (NASDAQ: PODD) extended this courtesy and yes, we have been using the OmniPod system for over 10 years now. Today we find out the company is no longer extending this courtesy and Diabetic Investor will have to pay like everyone else. Now we don’t have a problem paying as we like the OmniPod. Listen we may be hard on the company at times but that has nothing to do with the Omnipod system we which we like.

The fact is and Insulet is proof of this, that a company can make a good product but still not be a well-run company. Come to think of it Tandem (NASDAQ: TNDM) has this exact same problem.

Anyway, the company claims that a letter was sent to the folks who were impacted by their decision to terminate the practice of providing free Pods. A letter which we NEVER received which we find strange considering the company was continually sending us replacement pods. In fact, our address has changed several times over the past few years and we never had a problem getting pods. Even stranger the company has our email address and could have emailed this mystery letter.

Wait it gets better. Believe it or not some executives at Insulet are subscribers to Diabetic Investor. Come to think it the same goes for Tandem, which is one reason why we believe this is a great country. In what other country will companies pay to read a publication which abuses them on a regular basis. Momma Kliff always said we had a good thing going. But we digress.

Now one just might think that one of these executives would have reached out to us and explained why they were ending their practice of providing pods for free. This would have been the professional thing to do as there could be a logical explanation. Listen we know with all the new regulations that it’s next to impossible to give anything away for free anymore. This isn’t like the good old days when meter maids would walk into a doctor’s office with a boxes of meters physicians could give to their patients. Listen we are many things but stupid we ain’t.

Let’s be clear here we have no problem being treated like any other patient using the OmniPod. What we have a BIG problem with is how the company handled this situation. How could it be that they had no problem getting us pods no matter where we lived but can’t seem to get a letter delivered to any of these addresses or why could they not email this letter or even better pick up the frickin phone and call. This reminds us of the classic excuse a child gave when they failed to do their homework, you know the one about the dog eating it.

What was that we said yesterday and many times before about patients being the people who get screwed. How these executives fail to fathom the impact their decisions have on patients. Heck it’s not the executives who suffer nope as always, it’s the patient who does.

Yesterday we asked when will people learn. Apparently never.