Changes are coming

Changes are coming

Over the years Diabetic Investor has undergone several changes. While it seems hard to believe today there was a time long ago when Diabetic Investor was actually a print publication. Therefore in our continuing quest to enhance the value of your Diabetic Investor experience we are excited to announce some new features.

1. Ask Momma – That’s right Momma Kliff, long a favorite of subscribers now has her own forum. Given Mom’s popularity we decided it was time to give her fans a chance to speak to Mom directly and ask for her unique wisdom and guidance. Just click on Ask Momma and Mom will delighted to answer any questions you have.

2. Podcasts – Beginning this November Diabetic Investor will begin podcasting and we want you to be part of this process. Yes there will be interviews with industry leaders, analysts and the like but we want to go beyond these typical podcasts and talk about the subjects that are near and dear to your heart. Since Momma Kliff is sure to be a regular on the podcast let’s use the new Ask Momma section of the website as your pathway to letting us know what you want us to talk about.

Initially we’re planning to broadcast, not sure that is the right term remember this podcast thing is new to us too, every two weeks or so.

3. And we have an extra special treat for you today as you can now download The Pursuit of Noninvasive Glucose: “Hunting the Deceitful Turkey” written by industry expert John Smith, a truly outstanding expert with more than 30 years of industry experience for free at John retired as the Chief Scientific Officer of LifeScan after investigating many of the early approaches for this measurement, headed up one such company after retirement, and has consulted for many other companies that continue the pursuit.

Here at Diabetic Investor our goal remains the same provide you with the best unfiltered information on the wacky world of diabetes. Enjoy everyone and feel free to let us know of any other changes or enhancements you’d like to see.