CES First Impressions

CES First Impressions

Before we get started with our first impression of CES here in Sin City let’s get the most stunning news out first. While visiting the Abbott booth an Abbott representative stated that Libre2 will not be here in the US for another year. This comment came in response to a question asked by an attendee, we just happened to standing next to the guy. Talk about luck but this is Vegas, and should this statement be accurate JPM just got more interesting.

As we have noted before we have no clue as to why the FDA has yet to approve the Libre2. Based on everything we know and all the information in the public domain the best guess we can make is the main issue is Abbott’s quest for an iCGM designation. Informed speculation tells us that had Abbott not gone for iCGM Libre2 would be here already, but they cannot go backwards and this insistence on getting iCGM is costing them.

Let’s be very clear here we did not solicit this information we just happened to be in the right place at the right time. Nor do we have any idea where the Abbott representative got his information, he was merely answering a question put to him. However if this information is accurate and we have no reason to doubt that it isn’t Abbott is going to face some tough questions next Tuesday after they present at JPM. Stay tuned for that one.

Sticking with CGM and this play on words is very intentional as low and behold just a short distance away from the Abbott there was a company with … wait for it … a non-invasive CGM. Which like the Libre really isn’t a CGM as it does not measure readings on a continuous basis, it provides a reading when the patient places his finger on the device and then some 60 seconds later a reading shows up. This NON-FDA approved device looks like a modern version of the infamous GlucoWatch.

Now we won’t say we wanted to puke as the company when asked if they had any clinical data said sort of. It seems they have some data, which they indicated they would share with us, but this data has never been published in any peer reviewed publication. Let’s say we are more than just a little skeptical that this data is real, even if we do eventually get to see it.

But they were not the only “non-invasive” CGM here at CES yep just a short distance away was another way cool worthless toy. Only this one measures glucose magically through gases in the air. Now please don’t ask us to explain that one as quite honestly, we lost interest when we asked for a demo and the company noted what was under glass was not a working prototype.

What both these so-called CGM companies had in common was way cool very cool actually booths. The products, if we can call them that, also look pretty cool. And damn wouldn’t you know it these way cool whiz bang way worthless products will revolutionize diabetes management. Is any wonder we felt like puking after seeing both of these worthless toys, had it not been for the stunning news that Libre2 won’t be here for another year yesterday would have been a one big bummer.