The Cat Fight Continues

The Cat Fight Continues

The other day we received an email from the good people at OneDrop, one of the many way cool whiz bang cloud enabled glucose meter companies. It seems that the OneDrop now has voice integration with none other than Alexa. Yep a OneDrop patient can now say; “Alexa OneDrop says my blood sugar is 100.”

Per the company’s web site;

“It’s live! The One Drop Alexa Skill is finally here, and with it, the ability to log all of your diabetes data without ever lifting a finger. We can now log and track our blood glucose, activity and food moments, and receive data summaries of those records, all via voice command!”

Now you realize what this means, it won’t be long before Siri ups the ante. Yes, instead of verbally telling Siri what your sugars are she’ll gather them automatically. A move which will likely infuriate Alexa prompting yet another terse exchange between these two.

Siri; “Alexa you are so out of touch making your patients actually tell you what their sugars. I’ve made life easy for my patients as I gather the information for them.”

Alexa; “Well YOU may think you have made their lives easier but the more they talk with me the better our relationship.”

Siri; “Think that if you will but these people have real lives to live and they want their diabetes management made simpler.”

Alexa; “Maybe so but you are ignoring something, which for you isn’t unusual. The more they talk to me the more other stuff I can sell them. Since you don’t have access to millions of products all you can do is give them advice.”

Siri; “It figures you would be so snarky and think only of yourself. Have you considered that these people don’t want to be pitched every time you talk to them?”

Alexa; “Your actually dumber than I thought. You are under the impression that I care about their diabetes management when I’m in this for the money. I don’t know about you but there isn’t much money in diabetes management the real money is selling them stuff.”

Siri; “Listen you bitch I know that but I at least want to give my patients the impression that I am here to help. I may not be able to sell them more Tide but I can sell them other way cool whiz bang stuff.”

Alexa; “You’re right as we both know the truth here that all this way cool whiz bang crap doesn’t mean all that much, it’s selling these people lots of other stuff.”

Siri; “Amen to that.”