Can’t make it up

Can’t make it up

There are times when you just sit back and realize that try as we might we cannot make up fiction that is better than the realities of today. So, let’s get right to it –

According to a story in the Daily Mail “Watching television for three or more hours a day may increase a child’s risk of diabetes, new research suggests.” Really you mean that sitting around playing video games and eating endless bags of Doritos is not healthy. That maybe just maybe there is a link between obesity, i.e. fat kids, and diabetes. That perhaps the parents of these fat kids should encourage them to get a little exercise, that is assuming of course these parents are not also too busy eating bags of cheese balls.

Next comes news that will warm the soles of many including those here at Diabetic Investor; per a study in Diabetologia; those who drink a moderate amount of alcohol three to four days a week had the lowest risk of type 2 diabetes, including nondrinkers and heavy drinkers. Now if this does not classify as great news we don’t know what does. So, let’s break out the champagne and celebrate happy days are here again.

Unfortunately, the news isn’t all good as per a story posted on the Nature web site; broccoli extract lowers glucose levels. We didn’t even bother to read the details as our feelings about broccoli are well known. We do not like it and will no eat it no matter what. We do not like green eggs and ham, we do not like it Sam I am. We will not eat it in a boat nor will we will eat while using a remote. Honestly there is nothing more disgusting than thinking that people with diabetes must eat broccoli.

Given these revelations and since Alexa and Siri will soon be our daily diabetes coach consider the impact.

Alexa: “David I’ve noticed that you haven’t had any Miller Lite today and you know that pounding a few is good for your diabetes.

David; “Why thank you Alexa you just might not be the snarky over bearing Jewish mother like nag I thought you were.”

Siri; “David if I may interject you would much better off with the Firestone and Walker 805, it’s much more robust beer and certainly better than that pedestrian Miller Lite.”

David; “Siri you know what your 100% right thanks for the suggestion.”

Alexa; “David how can you listen to her am I not the one who first offered this suggestion.”

Siri; “You’re just jealous as David has always liked me best and was just being polite so you would get off his back.”

Alexa; “You listen up you little man stealer I am not the overbearing bitch everyone thinks I am and can make David very happy if he’ll just listen to me.”

Siri; “Have you ever considered that David is grown man who can make his own decisions and my word can even tie his own shoes without your help.”

Alexa; “That may be true but I can make his life so much better if he would just listen to me.”

Siri; “Well I think you kinda blew it when you started harping on him to eat broccoli on a regular basis.”

Alexa; “Yeah that was a little over the top. Hey David before I go do you need any more Tide?”