Breaks Over

Breaks Over

Ok we thought we were done abusing our wine drinking friends, that after all the abuse – well deserved as it was – we thought it was time to give them a break and pick on somebody else. Well the break is over as Diabetic Investor has learned that management has told reps that it’s time to start selling more …. wait for it … Lantus. Now keep in mind these are the same reps who were thrown under the bus by our good buddy Serge, who basically said these reps are beer guzzling lying pieces of horse manure who couldn’t sell if their lives depended on it. Ok that’s not exactly what he said but since we don’t speak French we had to use Google to translate his remarks.

Now let’s see if we’ve got this straight, first these reps are told to sell the greatest thing since sliced bread and soft soap. A product so innovative that it will sell itself even though it has atrocious formulary coverage. That patients will folk to this product because they would no longer have to inject themselves. Yes, Afrezza was the next mega-blockbuster that would make everyone forget about all the revenue lost from decreasing Lantus sales.

So where is Afrezza today?

Next, these same reps were told they had a product that was even better than the all mighty Lantus. That they could easily convert every Lantus patient to this new better faster stronger Lantus.  That physicians would simply switch every patient on Lantus to this new wonder drug.  They were also told don’t worry about formulary position as management basically discounted and rebated this wonder drug with reckless abandon so it cost the same as Lantus but since it was better than Lantus selling it should be a snap. Yes, Toujeo was the next mega-blockbuster that would make everyone forget about all the revenue lost from decreasing Lantus sales.

So where is Toujeo today?

Today these reps whose morale is lower than whale dung are being told to sell …..

They are being told this after they were thrown under the bus, ripped a new one and then run over one more time for good measure just to make sure they got the point – as Serge said they are nothing but ….

These are the same reps who are about to be walked to the guillotine for beheading as our really good friend Olivier has started the mass beheadings to lower costs.

Seriously we really wanted to give our wine drinking friends a break. Ok management royally screwed things up for diabetes. Yes, they proved that it is possible to turn gold into sand. They showed that the best way to make a small fortune was start with a large one. Heck even a serial killer deserves a break before they are executed, they are entitled to one last meal before 10,000 volts are run through their bodies or before the lethal injection.

The difference between a serial killer and management at Sanofi (NYSE: SNY) is that managers at Sanofi are dealt with the French way and beheaded. Unfortunately, the dead come back to life as these beheaded managers are replaced by equally inept zombies who are as clueless as the zombies they replaced. What’s that they say about insanity doing exactly the same behavior over and over again yet expecting a different result.

No the real definition of insanity is believing Sanofi can do anything right in diabetes.  Breaks over.