Bayer Recall?

Bayer Recall?

Back on July 12th Diabetic Investor reported that Bayer had stopped shipping Contour test strips. At that time the company noted;

“Bayer HealthCare has temporarily suspended new shipments of products containing reagent vials of 5-, 10- and 25-count test strips used with Contour®, Contour® USB, Contour™TS and Bayer’s DIDGET™ blood glucose meters to Bayer Diabetes Care customers.  Bayer is taking this action out of an abundance of caution to address a packaging issue, and not to address a concern for human health resulting from use of our blood glucose meters or as a result of any adverse events reported to Bayer.   Accordingly we are temporarily suspending new shipments of products while we investigate and resolve the issue but are not removing vials of  5-, 10- and 25-count test strips for use with Contour®, Contour®USB, Contour™TS and Bayer’s DIDGET™ that are currently in the market with customers.”

Yesterday we learned that the Hong Kong Department of Health has issued a recall for these same test strips. According to a press release; “The Department of Health (DH) today (August 16) directed a local medical device supplier, Bayer Healthcare Limited (Bayer), to recall from consumers all batches of two products, namely Contour and Contour TS Glucose Test Strips, as the ongoing in-house quality assurance scheme by the manufacturer has detected the production of erroneously low blood glucose readings.”

It’s also worth noting that ads have been running in various newspapers specifically targeted at Liberty Medical customers that state; “you may no longer be able to receive Bayer’s Contour® or Breeze ® 2 test strips from Liberty Medical.”

Diabetic Investor has reached out to Bayer to determine if the company plans on a formal recall here in the United States or if the company plans on taking any additional actions but we have yet to receive a response.  As we learn more we’ll be sure to pass along what we find out.