Apple and Oranges

Apple and Oranges

Although one wouldn’t know it by all the hoopla surrounding anything Apple related, the fact is more people have phones with the Android operating system. Yes we know that the iPhone is the coolest phone in the galaxy but those pesky facts say it’s not more popular than Android phones. This is why we were somewhat amused by an announcement from our friends at Johnson and Johnson (NYSE:JNJ).

According to an email we received today the folks at JNJ have …wait for it .. a way cool app that …wait for it .. works with the way cool iPhone. The email states;

“I’m pleased to share some exciting news from the team here at the Johnson & Johnson Diabetes Solutions Companies.

Starting today, people with diabetes using LifeScan, Inc.’s OneTouch Reveal® mobile app can now view their blood sugar readings directly in the Health app on their iPhone and choose to privately and securely share that data with their healthcare team.  Also, in honor of this and World Diabetes Day on November 14, LifeScan will donate 1.3 million blood glucose monitoring test strips in support of the Life for a Child program – the International Diabetes Federation’s (IDF) ongoing effort to provide urgently needed diabetes supplies to children worldwide.

With this integration, OneTouch Verio® Sync meter users can now wirelessly sync their data to the OneTouch Reveal® mobile app for access across multiple devices. The information can then be synced with the Apple Health app, providing a comprehensive view of an individual’s overall health for themselves and in turn their healthcare providers.

The team is thrilled to offer this new connectivity and ultimately help people have access to the information they need using the tools of their choice to better manage their diabetes.”

Now we do not wish to make fun of our friends at JNJ, as they are not the only BGM company that seems to believe that world revolves around anything Apple related. An affliction which is not just limited to BGM companies but also infecting many diabetes bloggers. Yes we know that the iPhone is way cool, perhaps the coolest thing ever. Yet being a Chicagoan and not living on the west coast Diabetic Investor looks at things like those pesky facts, facts which indicate that as way cool as the iPhone is Android has a bigger market share.

Now we do not mean to imply phones using the Android operating system are better than Apple, heaven forbid. We may not pray at the Apple alter but having been beat up by MannKind zealots on Twitter, we prefer not to tick off Apple supporters too. Let’s just agree that Apple is way cooler, way better but according to those pesky facts just doesn’t have as much market share as Android phones. Something that we think matters stupid fools that we are.

Perhaps one day in a galaxy far far away companies like JNJ will acknowledge those of us who aren’t sophisticated enough to grasp that Apple is superior. That maybe just maybe they should develop systems that work with ..wait for it… both Apple and wait for it.. Android phones. Yes we know this only makes perfect business sense and that fact alone disqualify it from the wacky world of diabetes, but heck if a meat and potatoes Chicago guy can work on his table manners anything is possible.