Another Step Closer

Another Step Closer

This morning Medtronic (NYSE:MDT) released an enhancement to their CareLink® iPro system with the addition of a new report called Pattern Snapshot. According to a company issued press release; “The new one-page report provides a health care professional (HCP) with information for quick interpretation of detailed glucose data over time. The identified patterns are based on advanced algorithms that automatically identify an individual`s top glucose control issues and their possible causes.”

Now this report in and of itself isn’t a major enhancement but it does represent another step forward in the world of interconnected diabetes management (IDM). It also represents another example of the convergence of big data and diabetes management. Finally it also shows how the role of physician is changing when it comes to diabetes management.

As we have been stating when it comes to diabetes management the issue is no longer getting the data or getting this data to the physician, the issue remains how to turn all this data into patient relevant actionable information.  Another issue is how to present this information in a format that does not overwhelm either the patient or the physician. Practicing good diabetes management as we have said many times is a full time job with no days off. The last thing a patient or physician needs are tools that add to this workload. If IDM is ever going to become widely adopted it must simplify diabetes management.

This in essence what this report does, it provides the physician and patient with a quick easy to understand analysis of data. Instead of having to go through multiple pages of data, this one page report allows for a more constructive dialogue between the patient and the physician.

The addition of this report also shows that Medtronic understands a huge problem facing physicians, time. As we have noted in the past physicians are not compensated for nor do they have the time to analyze a patient’s data once they have it. Basically Medtronic is doing the heavy lifting for the physician allowing them to do what they do best, help their patients more effectively manage their diabetes. The report also helps the patient as they no longer have to wade through mountains of data either.

For IDM to be truly impactful it must respect the changing role of the physician. The goal isn’t just to make the patient’s life easier but to do the same for the physician. Systems like the CareLink iPro help the physician conserve the one thing they cannot create more of, time.

So kudos to Medtronic for understanding not just the needs of the patient but also the needs of the physician.