And this matters why?

And this matters why?

With some many glucose monitors on the market it’s not easy to stand out from the crowd. It seems that each day there is yet another way cool glucose monitor that sends readings to the cloud, works with a way cool app, the works on a way cool smartphone a way cool system which will forever revolutionize diabetes management. With all this sameness, how does one product stand out, how does it become the Donald Trump of glucose monitoring.

Well one way this can be done is to continually churn out press releases, releases that will be picked up by the various news services who then write about the release therefore getting the company the publicity and attention they crave. This tactic was most frequently used by the charlatans and snake oil salesmen promoting non-invasive glucose monitoring. As these slim balls saw press clippings as providing them with some sort of legitimacy allowing them to bilk investors out of even more money.

Today with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and the rest of social media this tactic has taken on a new twist as now companies want a post, twit or whatever to go viral. Now we don’t want to dismiss this tactic nor do we want to seem like an old fuddy duddy but just because there are lots of people with nothing better to do than sit at their computers or look at their smartphones all day and click on things doesn’t mean anything more than there are a lot of very bored people out there.

Another new twist is get a blogger to write about their product. Now Diabetic Investor isn’t quite sure when bloggers became so knowledgeable and all-knowing but they sure do get an undo share of attention. We’ve said it before any idiot can write a blog and many have. This is not unlike running for President as Mr. Trump has proved that just because someone is a billionaire they cannot also be a blithering idiot who knows nothing about something called the Constitution. But we digress.

We rant today not just because it’s the holiday season and not much is going on in the wacky world but we laughed out loud when we read a press release issued by LabStyle Innovations which stated the following:

“LabStyle Innovations Corp. (DRIO), developer of the Dario™ Diabetes Management Solution, today announced its personalized smart blood glucose meter has recently been featured in numerous health and technology publications in the U.S. and UK. “

So if we get this right the company is issuing a press release to tell the media what they already know that they have been writing about the Dario. Now we know that us dumb folk here at Diabetic Investor aren’t the sharpest knives in the drawer and yes we still like getting our news from something called a newspaper, but seriously this is just crazy. Issuing a press release to the press who has already written about the company is well nuts.

Yet in one respect we can’t blame them as few if any members of what we like to call new media even bother to do their research or when given the opportunity ask tough questions. Maybe Diabetic Investor is just getting cranking in our old age, maybe we need more fiber but we do think having a solid well thought out strategy is important. That it helps if the company has a realistic shot at making money. That they actually have something more than a way cool monitor.

Frankly Diabetic Investor isn’t really that surprised by this lack of due diligence, this fear of asking questions (heaven forbid the company doesn’t like you) as this the world we now live in. Yes, we’re cranking in our old age but one thing we’ve learned over the past 20 or so years is that if you want a friend get a dog. Diabetes is not about way cool; diabetes is about helping patients more effectively manage their disease. It is also a business, billions of dollars are spent on diabetes drugs and devices.

So here is our advice to those of you in what we like to call new media, stop reading press releases and start doing what the press is supposed to do investigate and ask questions. Listen we have enough cheerleaders reporting about diabetes already and there are more than enough bloggers who simply accept everything a company has to say as fact. There is something very liberating about reporting on reality. Not only will you feel better but the millions of patients with diabetes will be better informed, able to make decisions based on facts not myths.

This is not a job about being liked this is a job about being right.