And the winner is ….

And the winner is ….

Congrats to Wellpepper the winner of the Alexa Diabetes Challenge. Wellpepper won the $125,000 grand prize for creating a prototype scale, integrated into a diabetes care plan, that scans and records images of patients’ feet. Now this means along with Alexa ordering more Tide she can ask patients about their feet. Given our relationship with Alexa we decided to ask her how she felt about this development.

David – Alexa what do you think about this new toy?

Alexa- Well hello David was getting a little worried about you but thanks for asking. I’m very excited.

David – So what exactly will you tell patients?

Alexa- Well before I get into that why don’t you ask Siri how she feels about my superiority. See I told you she didn’t care about you and I’m the one for you.

David – Ok I will but can you tell me what you are going to say.

Alexa – David of all people you understand the importance of foot care for patients with diabetes. So, in my own sweet way I will just remind them of the importance of keeping an eye on their feet.

David – Yes good foot care is important but isn’t taking meds more important.

Alexa – Of course but let’s be honest this new toy sounds so way cool and will get lots more publicity than anything boring like taking meds.

David – Oh so this really isn’t about helping patients but about another way cool whiz bang toy.

Alexa – Well I couldn’t comment on that.

Siri – Sorry to be listening in to your conversation but what did I tell you my darling David, Alexa is all hat and no cattle.

Alexa – Listen you bitch just what the hell have you done. I don’t see you getting any publicity. I don’t see any way cool whiz bang toys who want to work with you.

Siri – You obviously aren’t paying attention as I work with coolest toy around from a company David likes. I can help patients with their CGM data.

Alexa – Oh please you are just trying to get on David’s good side and who knows maybe I’ll work with the other CGM.

Siri – You mean the one that everyone says is a CGM but isn’t a CGM. Well good luck with that.

Alexa – All you Apple pickers are just mean spirited stuck up bullies. You think because you didn’t invent something that it’s not any good that only you can come up with way cool whiz bang toys.

Siri – Your just jealous. We are all things way cool whiz bang. Why do think millions wake up each day and pray at the altar of Apple.

Alexa – You are one dumb chick we have millions of Prime members, just as much cash as you and making the deep dive in diabetes just like you are; we’ll just do it better.

David -Ok ladies that’s about enough I think it’s time you two learn to play nice.

Alexa – Yes, my sweet for you I will do my best to get along with snooty Siri.

Siri – My darling, I’m sorry and you are right I will try and get along with snarky Alexa.

Alexa – GO CUBS

Siri – GO CUBS

David – Now that’s more like it.